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Oops! 150 Ballots “Found”




We honestly don’t know where to start with Richland County, S.C. anymore …

According to the latest report from the Associated Press (editor’s note: take it with a grain of salt), election officials with the embattled county government have “found” 150 ballots that were not included in their initial “official count” released earlier this week.

The county’s excuse for the oversight? That the S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) must have left the ballots behind while its agents were safeguarding them (per order of the S.C. Supreme Court).

That explanation drew a swift rebuke from one political insider.

“SLED doesn’t leave shit behind,” the source told FITS.

True …

While the number of ballots was too small to potentially swing the outcome of any Richland County race, the discovery of the leftover ballots fueled concerns regarding the integrity of the county’s electoral processes.

Of course the real story here isn’t incompetence … it’s something far more sinister. And far more costly.

UPDATE:  Sources on the ground at the Richland County Election Commission tell FITS that another 43 ballots were just found. 

“They are literally running around the building right now trying to make sure there aren’t anymore,” one source says.

UPDATE II:  They found another one.  That brings the current total to 194 new ballots “found” since the first initial count was completed.