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Male porn actors will be required to wear condoms on the set of adult movies filmed in Los Angeles County after voters approved a controversial – and likely unconstitutional -ballot measure.

Los Angeles County voters approved Measure B – a.k.a. the “Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act” – by a 56-44 percent margin.  As as result, porn stars must now “glove their love” while working on set or face stiff fines and penalties.

(Get it?  Stiff?)

Needless to say several of the industry’s biggest stars aren’t taking this laying down …

“How much is it going to cost the industry, and is it worth it to register our businesses out of town and then go shoot outside of Los Angeles County?” porn star James Deen told The Daily Beast.  “Is it worth it to migrate to Las Vegas, which is said to be welcoming with open arms? Florida, and I believe Arizona as well, said something about wanting the billion-dollar industry.”

Um … ya think!

Beyond the fiscal implications, this measure – pushed by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation – fundamentally infringes on these performers’ freedom of expression.  Not only that it’s completely unnecessary as the porn industry already safeguards against sexually transmitted diseases via rigorous testing and screening methods.

“We have zero – zero HIV transmissions,” Deen continued. “Our system works. We are very safe, we are very careful, and to say our system is not working is very insulting.”

Also if government can mandate condom use on a porn set – what’s to stop it from mandate condom use in our bedrooms?

Not surprisingly, industry experts are already challenging the condom requirement on First Amendment grounds – as well as on the grounds that the local measure represents an unconstitutional local infringement of state authority.

Good for them … we hope they win.  No matter what one thinks of the porn industry, this sort of overreach is a joke.

In other news from California, voters approved a massive $6 billion income tax hike – which we expect will take a much bigger chunk out of the state’s long-term competitiveness than this new “raw dog ban.”  It’s also yet another reason why South Carolina should be taking steps to improve its tax climate …


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