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Clemson Has No Class




Clemson University President James Barker has cancelled Election Day classes at the Upstate, S.C. institution of higher learning … although the school’s offices will remain open.

“Tuesday, Nov. 6, is an important day in our nation’s life,” Barker said. “I urge every eligible voter at Clemson University – faculty, staff and students – to make voting a priority that day.”

As recently as Friday, Barker had planned to hold classes on Election Day.  However a group of students eager to party hearty on Election Eve pointed out that doing so would violate state law.

“All State-supported colleges and universities, technical education centers and public schools shall be closed general election day in November of each even-numbered year,”  S.C. Code Section 59-1-370 states.  “This day shall not be considered as one of the regular school days for the year for public schools.”

Of course it’s not like Clemson has ever considered itself bound by state law … one of many reasons why this website has consistently argued that it should pursue its destiny as a private institution.