Every since he was ousted as mayor of Lexington, S.C. last year, big government crony capitalist Randy Halfacre has been busy trying to land a contract to manage a $450,000 county-wide tax hike campaign.

Which we reported on last week … 

Halfacre – head of the Lexington Chamber of Commerce – isn’t just working that angle, though. He’s been aggressively trying to become the head of the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce, a much more established “economic development” position. Not only that, he’s been campaigning for the town council seat of Danny Frazier – the disgraced former town “leader” who remains a central figure in an ongoing public corruption case (one which reportedly involves Halfacre, too).

Busy boy, right?

Anyway … according to our sources, Halfacre recently had a meeting with several county leaders who were originally disposed to give him the contract for the tax hike campaign. To get the business, though, he was asked to give up his own race – and sever ties with a shady political consultant named Scott Adams (Halfacre’s former campaign manager who has also lost two of his own bids for elected office).

“We can’t have the head of the local chamber orchestrating this campaign as well as his own race,” Halfacre was told.

Did the former mayor oblige these requests?

Um … no. Not even a little bit.

Halfacre told the county leaders he was staying in the race – and keeping Adams on board.

Why are these leaders concerned about Halfacre running? Sources tell FITS they are concerned about his ongoing proximity to Frazier – whose involvement in the “Lexington Ring,” a cabal of crooked cops and corrupt politicians that remains under investigation, is widely known.

“He ran with the guy – now he’s running for the guy’s seat,” one of the county leaders told us. “It’s just too cozy for comfort.”

As we noted in our previous post, we hope Halfacre goes away. Penny-ante corporate welfare backers like him are bleeding taxpayers dry across the state … and until they are gone, the bleeding will continue.