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Disgraced SC Mayor Seeks Tax Hike Contract




Remember Randy Halfacre? He’s the recently defeated mayor of Lexington, S.C. and a close ally of disgraced former Lexington town councilman Danny Frazier – who remains a central figure in an ongoing public corruption case.

Halfacre is intimately connected to that case as well …

Apparently “Half-wit” isn’t letting the fact that voters turned him out of office stop him from spending hard-earned tax dollars on special projects orchestrated by him and his cronies.

Like the slavish big government devotee that he is, Halfacre is currently trying to raise Lexington County’s sales tax by over 10 percent. Specifically, he and his buddies are hoping to secure funding for a $450,000 campaign built around duping the voters of Lexington County into taxing themselves at a higher rate.

Even though Halfacre lost the Lexington mayor’s race, he has still retained his predominantly taxpayer-funded position with the Lexington County Chamber of Commerce. In that capacity Halfacre has reportedly been trying to get his friend Scott Adams – a two- time political loser and newly minted political consultant – a contract to work with him on the tax hike campaign.

Adams has already run unsuccessfully for his local school board, and he recently lost a bid for Lexington County Council as a petition candidate. In fact he’s actually a three-time loser when you consider he advised Halfacre on his mayoral campaign.

Halfacre has delusions of becoming the next leader of the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce – replacing the late Ike McLease. The chamber is a poster child for crony capitalism – meaning it needs a young and energetic entrepreneur who can rebrand it as a free market institution if it wishes to have any credibility moving forward .

We won’t hold our breath on that happening, though … after all South Carolina’s special interests are too powerful (and its people too stupid) for there to ever be widespread accountability.

That being said Halfacre and his crowd need to just go away. Their self-serving opportunism at taxpayers’ expense is what has this state sucking wind economically … and our state will continue to suck wind economically until they are gone.

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