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SC-1: Teddy Turner’s “Traditional Marriages”



Teddy Turner – son of liberal media mogul Teddy Turner – is running as a “conservative” in the 2013 special election for South Carolina’s first congressional district.

We get that … so are the other fifteen GOP candidates seeking this post (most of whom are far from “conservative”).

Anyway, in his television ads Turner also brands himself as “a husband” and “a father,” while staking out his support for “traditional marriage.”

Again … that’s not surprising in a GOP primary, but it does strike us as a bit ballsy given the fact Turner is currently on his third marriage.

“Traditional marriage?” a source recently wrote to FITS. “Is that why (Turner) knocked up his nanny and had to marry her? The wife and kid in the commercial is his NEW wife … she was the nanny and he got her pregnant. His wife of the other two kids divorced him and he married the nanny.”

“Very ‘traditional,'” the source added.

Turner’s first marriage – to his high school sweetheart – lasted seven years. His second marriage – to Charleston, S.C. attorney Leslie Turner – lasted ten years, although we’re told the couple separated after seven years. Turner has two children from his second marriage.

Here’s Turner’s third wife, Blair, and their son …

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turner wife

In a statement provided to FITS, Turner flatly rejected the allegation he “knocked up the nanny.”

“I left Leslie,” he said. “I was never caught cheating on Leslie as has been rumored by another candidate in the race. Further, my wife Blair was never our nanny. She worked for another family.”

Ah, rich people problems …

Anyway according to Turner’s campaign manager, Michael Smith, the “other candidate” was confronted about spreading “personal rumors” about Turner two weeks ago. Smith claims the heated confrontation ended with the other candidate admitting his fault and promising to apologize to Turner.

“That apology has not been issued,” Smith told FITS this week.

Smith refused to identify the “other candidate,” but multiple sources have confirmed to us that Smith engaged in a “shouting match” with former S.C. Sen. John Kuhn at a campaign event approximately two weeks ago.

“It was very animated,” our source recalls. “They were yelling at each other.”

And while Smith declined to identify Kuhn, he offered up some harsh words related to the spat.

“When it comes to that candidate’s behaviors … truth is certainly crazier than fiction,” Smith said. “If ever there was a poster child for the long-term effects of a lead paint diet, this guy is it.”


Smith also made clear the Turner campaign is considering the possibility of legal action against the “other candidate.”

Sources close to Kuhn denied leaking a story about Turner’s alleged infidelities.

“They accosted John a couple of weeks ago,” a source close to Kuhn tells FITS. “One of Turner’s campaign staffers yelled at him – cursed at him, actually – but he never told John exactly what it was he allegedly said. Michael is very confrontational. He has accosted several of our staffers about this. Obviously we have heard the rumors but our campaign is not spreading them. John’s kids and Teddy’s kids know each other and like each other. John’s wife even picks them up from school. This is bizarre.”

So … what really happened here?

Source familiar with Turner’s divorce from his second wife tell FITS the court records associated with the case have been sealed. We were recently promised access to the file by one of our sources, however they have yet to turn over those documents to us. If they do turn those documents over, we will publish them (we’re not particularly scared of the judges in this state).

Infidelity is a major issue in the first congressional district race given that former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford – the most infamous adulterer in Palmetto political history – is one of the candidates. Personally, we don’t care whether candidates remain faithful to their spouses. Or whether they support “traditional marriage” or not. We care whether they will consistently protect taxpayers the way U.S. Reps. Jeff Duncan and Mick Mulvaney have done in Washington, D.C.

That’s what Duncan and Mulvaney based their endorsements on … and it’s what we’ll be basing our endorsement on as well.