Prioleau Alexander: What ‘New America’ Will Look Like

“Perception is reality …”

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There’s really not much to say about Donald Trumps conviction. That’s the kind of country we live in now.

We’ll get along … banana republic shit holes don’t up and disappear, and we won’t either. Things will just be — different. Not politically, of course … we’ve long since become a banana republic shit hole in politics. Our politicians take legal bribes (as contributions to their “war chests”), legally engage in insider trading and use our brainless alphabet agencies as mercenary thugs.

If that ain’t the stuff of Baby Doc Duvalier, I don’t know what is.

So … what will this New America look like? What will be the things that drive and motivate us? What will the new social order look like?

I think revenge is going to play a part in our brave new world. At every level, we the people will lean into what the Founding Fathers referred to as “the tyranny of the majority.” Where conservatives exist in the majority, liberals will suffer. Where liberals exist in the majority, conservatives will suffer. That, in fact, is exactly how Egypt operates, where Christians are allowed to live “peacefully,” but the good jobs and opportunities are given only to Muslims. Think about the Ivy League pillow biters who only hire other Ivy League grads — it’ll be like that at every level.




A lot of relationships are going to end. I, for one, have long since jettisoned from my life anyone who’s progressive. If you support evil like sitting your child in front of a drag queen for story hour — knowing the pervert is getting aroused looking at your child — I don’t want to be your friend. I don’t even want you in my extended circle of acquaintances. 

I think both sides will retreat further into their tribes, and both will stir the pots of the culture wars.

I think we’re in for some Northern Ireland type violence … not a “civil war,” but limited acts of terrorism and such. I have no doubt there will be small arms firefights in pockets around the nation.

Honestly, I think most of that violence will come from men in Red States. We’ve been politely eating liberal shit since the Manchurian couple known as Barack and Michelle Obama arrived. This is Red State thing is a problem, because many liberal beliefs are viewed by conservatives as evil. Thus far, good “Christian nationalists” have held their noses and endured stupid stuff like Gay Pride month — but the continued transgender crap and norming of pedophilia is a whole different ball game. 



People are gonna get dead over that kind of stuff. And, sadly, cops are going to get dead trying to stop it.

The other thing those of us on the right have come to understand is that “in the halls of power,” we are represented by no one. Seventy percent of politicians with an (R) by their name are no different than the (D)s … simple whores, trying to get rich as fast as possible while screwing as many interns as they can get away with.

This is a pretty serious problem for the New America. You see, the men who own 80 percent of America’s guns are working-class conservatives. Farmers, masons, truck drivers, carpenters, factory workers — and they’ve all been screwed by the America we’ve become. They have no money, no hope for retirement, and nothing to look forward to. Take that and throw in we have no voice in the government,” and you’ll end up with a mess. 

The Left, of course, thinks “just as many of those men are Democrats as Republicans.” 

Not true. They vote Democrat because Democrats funnel money to farm subsidies, unions, and pork construction projects, which equals paychecks. However, if you think there’s a single teamster in the country who won’t shoot a school administrator in the face for secretly helping his child “transition,” you’re wrong.

Men who get up a lot earlier in the morning than you do and put on steel-toed boots don’t support the idea of 11 million illegal immigrants waltzing into America, unchecked. They aren’t for puberty blockers. either. They aren’t backing a welfare policy that pays women to get pregnant – provided they stay unmarried. Nor are they keen on their kids failing to get a job because a company has DEI policies. And they sure aren’t big fans of people who chant, “Death to America!”


“No one wants to do those jobs… but men do them…”


What the far left – which controls the DNC – doesn’t understand, is guys who wear hard hats are men. And men do the hard shit — work the hard jobs — to take care of their family. That’s what real men have done forever. Do you see a lot of women working the oil rigs in the North Sea? How about hanging sheetrock? Lotta women suspended off a roof 100-stories up, washing windows? How about roofing in South Carolina in August? Busting their knuckles fixing maritime diesel engines?

No one wants to do those jobs … but men do them. Because That’s what men have always done. They die in the wars, go hungry so their kids and wife can eat, and live dreamless lives, all in service of others.

The far left doesn’t understand this, because they have no actual men among their ranks. Sure, lots of intellectuals, and lawyers, and salesmen, and middle management — but no one who’s ever been in a fistfight. And what they don’t understand, they hate.

The average liberal man would be terrified if he was invited to a backyard barbecue by their auto mechanic. It’s not hard to understand why, either. What the hell is he going to have in common with this guy who has grease under his fingernails? Napa v. Sonoma wines? Modern art? Climate change? Critical race theory? The non-existent gender pay-gap?

Far left women also hate these real men because they serve as a constant reminder of how effete and pathetic her mate is. They remind her that she is unwilling to work as an underwater welder or a billboard installer because it’s too dangerous. These beastly men are a glaring example of the fact men and women aren’t the same.


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The conviction of President Trump says to conservatives, “You can run, but you cannot hide. You are forever under our thumb of tyranny.”

But wait … does it actually say that? 

That’s the thing — it doesn’t matter. Conservatives perceive it with rage, and perception is reality.

For those who don’t know the history, the Irish Republican Army wasn’t some brain trust being run by a famed and beloved community leader. There was no capitol building, with a war room. There were no progressive intellectuals guiding their fight. No newspapers trumpeting their writings. There were no physical battle lines drawn. The war in Northern Ireland came to be after some pissed-off, blue-collar Catholic men said to their oppressors, “no more.”

They saw the English as tyrants and oppressors, banned together in secret, and acted the way men do when they believe their family and friends are threatened: With extreme prejudice.

Were the English the bad guys? Depends on who you ask. But the fact is they kicked the fire ant hill. Then poked it with sticks. Then poured hot water on it. Then stuck their face in it.

This would be a very wise time for the leaders on the Left, who are in fact very much in charge, to tread carefully around the Red State fire ant hill. Their proles and useless eaters will continue to strut and preen about Trump being a convicted felon … but them that’s in charge damn sure better start smoothing the nervous waters.



Prioleau Alexander is a freelance writer, focusing mostly on politics and non-fiction humor. He is the author of four books: ‘You Want Fries With That?,’ ‘Dispatches Along the Way,’ ‘Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?‘ and ‘They Don’t Call It The Submission Process For Nothing.’ 



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JustCallMeAva Top fan June 3, 2024 at 12:44 pm

I see someone was triggered by Big Daddy’s 34 felony count convictions. And as always, the standby is guns, because, guns. It makes the author feel so good to talk about guns, totally ignorant of the fact that the fastest growing demographic buying guns are females and Hispanics. Not sure why he didn’t actually mention that though because the conservatives are terrified of both. The next item of fearmongering is that schools are trying to transgender your kids! If a kid tells a teacher they go by Jane instead of Jack, they’ll respect that, just as someone with a name like Prioleau might want to go as “Pri”. Now this kid may not have discussed with their parents on how they feel they are transgendered probably because they don’t want to get the living crap beaten out of them. That’s not trying to “transgender” your kid. That’s just accepting whatever nickname they wanted to go by. In so far as drag queens go, there’s little proof that there are child molesters among the drag queen demographic. Typically, you hear more about youth pastors in evangelical churches being arrested for that sort of thing. Back in the day, male comedians dressed up as females, like Milton Berle, Monty Python, Bob Hope, et., al. Were they all child molesters? I mean, even Trump’s BFF Rudy dressed up in drag. Then there’s the usual blather about immigrants but yet he fails to mention that the GOP has refused to pass laws to limit immigration because this is what their convicted felon Trump wants to campaign on. They were too busy trying to overthrow their own speaker rather than get anything actually done in this last congress and they most certainly didn’t do anything to help those good ole’ “working class” conservatives. Then more blathering about people being paid to get pregnant. Seriously? How much does Pri think that people on welfare get? Oh yeah, let me add 3 kids to my family and then quit my job and go on welfare $404 per month (average). Also, fun fact, 60% of welfare recipients in the US are white. Kinda like how the T-GOP (Trump GOP) ranters and ravers like to claim that they are going to form their own union and break away from the “liberal” states while totally ignorant of the fact that the red states are dependent upon those blue states for federal dollars. So kiss your medicare and social security bye-bye with it when you go, among other things. But what the hell, I mean, the GOP-led SC state government can’t explain where over an extra billion came from in their treasury and this is not the 1st time that’s happened. Those people sure would lead a new nation straight to…..mysterious bank deposits? Then the usual blathering about how educated women don’t want “real men”. I will again reiterate that women earned nearly 70% of all Master’s Degrees earned in the US in the most recent stats and nearly 55% of PhD’s and other advanced degrees. Maybe they just don’t want to support a lazy-ass who dropped out of high school or tech school and who makes less than $25K a year and can’t even afford the payments on a doublewide, b/c he sinks into buying more guns because it makes him feel more “manly” (see demographics of who is on welfare). Oh yeah, nothing screams a real man more than one who believes the infinite projection and lies that the “average conservative real man” spews. I realize you love your emotional support guns but that will not make you masters of the universe. The truth is that the GOP does not care about you, the average working class male. They care only about their billionaire master’s and becoming one of them, and doing it on the backs of the middle class who are rapidly vanishing as the rich, get richer. That is not sustainable in the long-term. And these fools will commit violence against them darn liberals because they’re frustrated by the get-nowhere economic policies of their own GOP. And that’s why low educational attainment is bad kiddies, you can’t see through the BS and bluster and usual lies and half-truths. You can’t even see a convicted felon in front of you. I mean, Trump pretty much embodies all the 7 Deadly Sins and yet, Christian Conservatives are his biggest base. Then again, see the demographic on youth pastors and all those church folk who have been nabbed preying on kiddies. And stop threatening us with the guns and acts of violence to get your way. We saw the Jan. 6th assault on our capitol. You lost that one and you had better get used to losing as long as you believe the lies and half-truths hurled out by the GOP and Trump apologists, including Trump.

Lord Barfington June 3, 2024 at 1:09 pm

Dream on, little man white trash loser. Let’s see how your little popguns fare against a Predator drone with Hellfire missiles.

CongareeCatfish Top fan June 3, 2024 at 3:31 pm

You do realize that your comment is basically a generationally adjusted equivalent of what the British Empire told the colonies, right? For the Brits is was something like: “let’s see how your muskets fare against the largest and most powerful navy and army on earth” [at that time]. How did that pan out again?

Dum Spiro Spero Top fan June 3, 2024 at 6:39 pm

And the Colonists said to the Brits: Let’s see how your Brown Bess muskets and formal battle formations fare against the likes of Kentucky long rifles (Kings Mountain and Cowpens) and guerilla warfare. (Marion and Sumter)

Hank June 3, 2024 at 4:00 pm

There you go again with the violence. Threatening to kill everyone who does not agree with you. I don’t know where you get all the crap news you get, but your cult obviously will not believe anything not approved by their cult leader. No one is normalizing pedophilia except maybe Trump, Matt Gaetz, and all the Republican men who keep getting caught with minors. Trump, a man who has been married three times, who cheated on all three wives numerous times, and who bragged about groping women and ogling young girls getting dressed at the Ms. America pageant; hung out and partied with Epstine for years, has objected to DeSantis releasing the manifest of people traveling on Epstine’s plane, and who once said in an interview “he likes them young.” Indicating he was well aware of Epstine’s proclivities while he was partying with him. Numerous women have accused him of molesting them, but his supporters ignore all this and assume everyone except Trump is lying. Oh, and Trump was in charge of federal prisons when Epstein allegedly committed suicide.

As for working-class people, the Democrats are the only people who have ever given a crap about working-class people. Republicans have done all they can to keep them dumb, poor, and working for rich Republicans for low wages and no benefits; or in the case of farmers forcing them to sell out to ADM, Tyson Foods, Cargill, and other giant farming industries who pay Republicans big money. Trump did ZERO for working-class Americans. He ran up our national deficit to a record level by giving tax cuts to his billionaire buddies and the giant corporations they own. What did he do for farmers, truck drivers, roofers, factory workers, and people who will rely on Social Security when they retire? ZERO, ZIP, NADA! And what did he propose to make life better for those people? Again ZERO, ZIP, NADA! Those are not his people. He likes the people who party with him at Mar a Lago. You know, the people who will shake your hand and have their assistant hand them a hand sanitizer as soon as they turn their back. You know what would help all those people you pretend to be worried about? Increasing taxes on giant Corporations and using the money to shore up Social Security and Medicare, repair our infrastructure to make us more competitive, lower the cost of education for middle-class families, provide trade schools, and incentivize manufacturing to return to the US. All things Democrats have tried to do; but are usually rebuffed by Republicans. The truth is people like Trump, believe we need a classed system, with perpetual workers to serve the super-rich. Just like in Russia. And yes Trump admires Putin, Xi, and Kim Jung Un because they have used politics to become rich, powerful dictators.

There is a reason Trump was booed at the Libertarian convention. He is as far from a Libertarian as you can get. He believes in a big government that tells everyone what to do and what not to do. What they can think and what they will be punished for thinking and saying. And for people like you who seem to be ok with that, guess what; that is Nazi Germany.

Trump is not a conservative, not a Christian, and not a supporter of the common man. He is just a con man, who has played you like a drum. To the point that he can say our war dead are losers and suckers, call the people buried at Arlington fools, and disparage POWs, all while you shout, Go Trump.

I am descended from farmers and factory workers. I grew up in a small town, went to public school and attended a public university. I can’t think of one thing the Republican Party has ever done to make my life better. All they have done for the past 30 years is try to divide us by inspiring victimhood, prejudice, hate, paranoia, and envy. All to cover up for the fact they have nothing to offer middle-class Americans.

davismcclam Top fan June 3, 2024 at 4:58 pm

Right on!!!!!! While the snowflakes and sexual degenerates write elegant comments, where will they be when the air gets saturated with lead?

A Name June 3, 2024 at 7:13 pm

Yes, where conservatives have the majority (like South Carolina) the population will suffer (no matter what part of the political spectrum they are on).

Where conservatives have the majority you’ll find the lowest wages along with the highest rates of disease, the highest rates of violence, child mortality, domestic violence, drug abuse, STDs and pedophilia.

Liberals aren’t interested in “revenge”. We are the majority nationwide and only want people to be free and happy. Not like conservatives who take away your rights and want anger and violence when they can’t get their way.

Glad Drunkle noticed the difference ;-)

Imagine if Howard Rich was Never Rich June 4, 2024 at 12:19 am

I hope “new America” will have significantly less political-based mental illness fueled by grifters and the ultra rich that pay them to peddle this tripe.

I’ll miss this blog when that day comes.

Not really. Just some of the decent commenters.

Drunkle is not part of the RNC griftoverse though, just a nerd whose vested far too much of his head space into the lore to be of any use anywhere else in life

JustCallMeAva Top fan June 4, 2024 at 7:26 pm

Interesting how links to this column from the main page have just vanished when Drunkle was called out on his go-to’s: lies and violence against those that do not share his dim world view.


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