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South Carolina Police Chief Resigns As FOIA Fight Looms

More law enforcement misadventures in Laurens County …

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Last week, a South Carolina police chief “voluntarily” resigned from law enforcement following a
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Tired Of Whining Dinosaurs March 12, 2024 at 5:21 pm

A recent article on WIS-TV featured among others; Sheriff Leon Lott, Sheriff Lee Foster, and Chief Skip Holbrook, as they whined on about how a partial restoration of citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights might cause trouble for their deputies and officers. Lott bleated at least a portion of the oft-repeated and never realized cliche’ that we might become “The wild wild West or Blood will flow in the streets”. Blood has been flowing in the streets in Leon’s area of responsibility for some time, but not because of average citizens exercising their rights to keep and bear arms. As usual, Lee Foster had to be in the limelight saying something, even if it were just something dumb. Then there was Chief Skip Holbrook, parroting for his liberal Democratic masters how this will make life more difficult for his officers.
The Criminal Justice Academy Director weighed in about this “changing the dynamic between the community and Law Enforcement”.

If citizens having their rightful 2nd Amendment rights partially restored sends these and other icons of South Carolina Law Enforcement into such a tizzy, then perhaps they should all do as they should have done decades ago and retire.

I guess Academy Director Swindler is upset that LE is losing its monopoly on the use of force. Does he not understand that far too often, the police only get there in time to only do the chalk outlines (admittedly a cliche’) and if lucky, call an ambulance for the victim? “When seconds count, police are minutes away”, is not just a cliche’, too often it is the absolute truth.

In Leon’s territory recently, a mother of small children successfully defended herself and her children by fatally shooting an intruder in her home with a gun she had in her pocketbook. This scenario could easily have happened away from her home. What if she had been away from her home and had applied for her “mother, may I” permission slip to exercise her Constitutionally enumerated right to carry, but SLED was taking its time in getting the permit to her? I guess Leon would have been fine letting his Crime Scene detail do the proverbial chalk outlines and then doing another media bit about how he wants to “build partnerships with the community” as he calls the attack on her, “senseless”. Her pain or worse would literally have been no skin off of his butt, same as most other crime victims, except maybe at election time if reminded of it at a rally.

The partial restoration of 2A rights that citizens received a few days ago was long overdue. If these whining dinosaurs cannot handle it, they should do their citizens, their employees, and the rest of us a service and retire while they have a semblance of dignity and credibility left.


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