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Cheer Incorporated: Jane Doe Praises Survivors’ Support System

“It’s making more than just a difference …”

The following column is a guest editorial from one of the Jane Doe defendants in the Rockstar Cheer federal lawsuit filed earlier this month in U.S. district court in Greenville, South Carolina.

I’m speaking again. Not for me this time, though.

I’ve had the honor, and I emphasize THE ABSOLUTE HONOR, of speaking with other survivors of the American cheer industry sex abuse scandal. These are people who are supporting me and who are helping make sure others are aware of the dangers out there – dangers many had no idea existed until now.

We have continued to learn the magnitude of pain and suffering that has occurred. There are people helping us research facts about how this all spiraled out of control. There are attorneys providing amazing support as we process these horrible and disgusting experiences.

Many of you have asked how I am doing: Honestly, I’m strong as hell one day – crying, terrified, and even throwing up due to fear and anxiety as I face this unimaginable giant the next.

But this time as I’m writing, it’s a different topic. It’s not about me or the other survivors. It’s about our support system. They deserve to be recognized, to know that what they are diligently doing on a day-to-day basis … it’s making more than just a difference.

These people are LITERALLY changing the way we will protect our children. They are changing the future. They are giving us a healing hand to hold onto. Through this, everyone will be more aware of the evil that exists. We hear things on the news. But like Jenn Wood mentioned, “How was it missed?”

And with that said, I have to reaffirm to ALL PARENTS OUT THERE: THIS WAS NOT YOUR FAULT!! You did NOTHING WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These people helping us to speak out loud, they are supporting the voices of victims … sorry. I keep catching myself. We aren’t victims. We are survivors. They have helped us to find that voice, that strength, that courage. They are giving that voice to people who never even knew they needed one or had one.

I was called a hero after my article was posted. I’m not a hero. These people representing us, taking a stand, promising to hold my hand if I have to walk into a courtroom and testify for the world to see … the ones who answer every damn call and reply to every text, the ones who offer to do research for me so that I don’t continue to traumatize myself … THEY ARE THE HEROES.

THIS IS WHO THIS ARTICLE IS DEDICATED TO. I think I represent every single survivor when I say …Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and don’t you dare down play it because your actions … well …there are no words that even exist for me to describe what you have done to help us.

And I’m usually good with words. So here’s to you for being such brave and powerful leaders. You call us Heroes because we stood up. But remember. It was because of people like you who gave us the ability to do it in the first place. THANK YOU.



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Jane Doe is one of the anonymous plaintiffs in the Rockstar Cheer lawsuit filed last month in federal court in Greenville, S.C.



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