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Feedback Loop: Readers Respond To South Carolina Recall Election Proposal

Aye and nay …



RE: Recall Elections

Dear Editor,

On the recent story on the need to have recall legislation approved for South Carolina, The Alliance Party (formerly the American Party of SC) advocated as a political party for this four years ago.

Written informal polls taken at their booth at the S.C. State Fair during that time showed that nearly 80 percent of the respondents favored having a recall option available.

This is – and has been – a strongly supported option among our state’s voters for some time now.

Jim Rex
National Chair, The Alliance Party

Thanks for your feedback, Jim. We did not agree on much during your tenure as state superintendent of education, but I applaud your ongoing engagement in the arena – as well as your party’s effort to provide voters with an alternative to the failed two-party state. Your informed perspectives are always welcome here.

RE: Recall Elections

Dear Editor,

Recall elections in the Constitution!? Screw that.  Term limits are what we need.

Best regards,

Robert Bogan
St. Matthews, S.C.

I used to be a staunch supporter of term limits, Robert – but over the years I have come to view them as anti-Democratic. Don’t get me wrong: There are far too many crooked politicians in office (and my news outlet works harder than most in trying to expose them for what they are). Also, I believe it is clear the longer people remain in office, the less responsive they become to the people who elected them. Ultimately, though, limiting electoral options is just not an answer I am comfortable with.



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