Letter: Henry McMaster Must Shut Down South Carolina To Stop Coronavirus

Mary Miles: “There is no comparison between a life and the economy …”

Dear Editor,

South Carolina should shut down until we see a decline in the testing positive of coronavirus in the citizens of South Carolina. Governor Henry McMaster must demand that everyone stay home other than necessary travels for groceries and medical emergencies.  South Carolina is heading into the same high spike of coronavirus in New Orleans, Florida, and New York, if we don’t get ahead of the burst of coronavirus that will spread all over South Carolina and America. 

We the people of South Carolina must rise up and encourage Governor McMaster to be courageous and do what is in the best interest of South Carolina’s citizens. 

There is no comparison between a life and the economy.  Governor McMaster must not pay attention to Donald Trump because he is not operating with a full deck of cards.  We need to pray that our governor will let God lead him to do the right things on behalf of the citizens during this war against the principalities.  

We the people of South Carolina are not immune from the coronavirus. 

Therefore, we the people must not take unnecessary risks when we have already been warned by Dr. Anthony Fauci that the coronavirus will get worse in all states before it gets better. 

We the people of South Carolina are in this fight together and we will stand up to this massive danger. Let us prevent the spread of the coronavirus by staying home.  

I hope and pray for our governor to be strong everyday.  Also, I  hope and pray that Governor McMaster is having discussions with Governor Cuomo from NY rather than getting his clues from Trump and his administration. 

It is the Governors and Mayors who are the leaders in the United States. 

Governor McMaster must rely on the medical experts and scientists to make educated decisions that will keep our citizens safe.

We pray for all of the supplies, masks, beds, spaces, equipments, and ventilators that we need for our sick citizens, first responders, doctors, and nurses in the name of Jesus the Christ.  Let us pray for  God’s  loving arms of protection around all of the workers who care for the sick and needy.

If we get a chance to find workers who are caring for the sick and needy, let us all thank them for their service.   

May God bless all in a time like this!

Mary P. Miles, Esquire
Columbia, S.C.


Mary, Thank you so much for sending us your letter. For more information (and to read our thoughts on this subject), click here.



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