Michael McDaniel: The Terminator Versus Global Energy

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to travel back in time and destroy fossil fuels …

by MICHAEL McDANIEL ||  Pretend you have arrived in 1984.  No, not the George Orwell “1984” – a version of which we already live in thanks to the thought police and their political correctness that shames everything from the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special to the classic “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” – but the Terminator’s 1984.

That’s right – the “I’ll be back’ 1984.  And, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back – telling us he is ready to go back in time and terminate fossil fuels. Yes, Schwarzenegger was off recently visiting Poland attending a U.N. Climate Change Conference where he opened his mouth and proved Samuel Clemens right again.  As a reminder, Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, once said, “it is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

Schwarzenegger makes Clemens a genius each time he utters a syllable.

All the necessary ingredients were there at this latest round of “we are destroying our planet with fossil fuels, but we celebrities continue to jet around the planet every week burning high-octane jet fuel adding more greenhouse gases to the ozone,” climate change fanaticism.

Schwarzenegger had his great one-liners ready to be unloaded for all the religious climate zealots in-attendance. Such as, “If we would’ve never started in that direction, (i.e. fossil fuels), and used other technology, we’d be much better off.”

Better off with what technology? You mean there were options?  This is a revelation of historic proportions!  No one told us, until Schwarzenegger revealed it at this U.N. Climate Change Conference, that there were energy options back in the 18th century to provide industrialized energy.

This is utterly fantastic, and equally qualifies as one of the greatest blunders in modern history.  Somehow, again according to Schwarzenegger, we chose unwisely because there were better energy options available to us.

How about this doozy; “The biggest evil is fossil fuels: it’s coal, it’s gasoline, it’s the natural gas,” he said sharing with conference delegates his vast climate expertise gained on the sets of various movie such as “Junior” or “Batman & Robin.”

Here is a question for Schwarzenegger: Where we would be if the Terminator could in fact go back in time and slay the big, bad, evil, psychotic, diabolical, fossil fuels – thus saving us all from the terror these maniacal energy sources pose?

Absent fossil fuels, which means no mass energy sources (because solar and wind are not globally scalable) there would be…

  • No industrial revolution
  • No freedom and ease of transportation, (cars, planes, trains) – scratch your winter vacations to Cancun
  • No abundance of food, (man-made nitrogens are manufactured as fertilizer) – no Papa Johns, or Burger King, or any other fast food of your choice
  • No plastics – this eliminates most things you purchase
  • No computers, tablets, smartphones, Wi-Fi, or cellular data.
  • No electric cars, (they get their electricity from coal-powered plants) – “but I thought they were environmentally friendly?”
  • No gas or electric stove, nor a microwave to cook your meals – forget Hot Pockets
  • No textile industry, thus your clothing options would be limited to what you could make yourself – no Nike, North Face, or Patagonia. That’s right, even Patagonia.
  • No overnight mail – goodbye Amazon purchases and welcome back Pony Express
  • No Starbucks
  • No Apple, Google, or Facebook
  • No moon landing or Mars exploration
  • No communication mediums – radio, TV, internet
  • No Viagra, Prozac, or Penicillin readily available for mass distribution
  • No flu vaccinations
  • No Crayons – petroleum based
  • No lipstick – petroleum based
  • No tires – petroleum based
  • No sport equipment – petroleum based
  • No chewing gum – petroleum based
  • No nail polish – petroleum based
  • No heart valves – petroleum based
  • No vitamin capsules – petroleum based
  • No food preservatives – petroleum based
  • No shampoo – petroleum based
  • No umbrellas – petroleum based
  • No eyeglasses – petroleum based
  • And about another 6,000 plus items you use or purchase that are – you guessed it, petroleum based
  • The mortality rate would be much, much higher, so maybe no Arnold Schwarzenegger, (or you, or some of your family and friends)
  • No movies like, “Terminator,” “Twins,” or his quintessential, “Jingle All the Way.”

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if we listened to celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger piously expound upon the benefits of terminating fossil fuels, and going an unknown “direction with other technology” then it’s safe to say that your life would be altered in such a profound way that you would still be rubbing two sticks together, walking around in animal fur, and gathering nuts and berries.

Of course, that is working under the presumption that you were even born and survived.

But hey, when Hollywood pays you millions and millions of dollars to memorize lines then it’s an easy leap in logic to think that people like Schwarzenegger simply do the same thing with intelligence – listen like a gullible puppy and parrot what you have heard.

Not just anyone can utter the phrase, “I’ll be back,” because you know – it’s all in the delivery.

If you are a Millennial reading this, and you have made it this far without running to a safe space or cry room, then the next challenge for you will be to actually investigate for yourself how your life is impacted by fossil fuels, and if you are willing to cast off the albatross of this dirty energy from your back and return to a more “natural state.”

My guess; you won’t even consider it.

Michael McDaniel is a freelance opinion writer and commentator covering national and election politics for online publication and radio. Follow Michael McDaniel on Twitter @Sylencedogood for his “140 character surgical dismantling of the liberal left.” 



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