Rachel Blevins On The Politics Of Division

Our favorite libertarian weighs in on the ridiculous race debate taking place in America right now …

A few months ago we introduced our readers to Rachel Blevins, a tell-it-like-it-is Texan who (like us) eschews both major parties as well as the mainstream media mouthpieces regurgitating their spin.

“In a sea of confused, conformist pablum – most of it scripted by establishment organs and poser extremists – Blevins is a refreshing shot of plain-spoken truth,” we wrote.  “She’s real.  An authentic, unapologetic voice who also happens to be really good at condensing complicated arguments into common sense – albeit it politically incorrect – points of view.”

Needless to say, we were very interested to hear Blevins’ take on the recent racial violence in Charlottesville, Virginia – and she didn’t disappoint.

“This newfound trend of violent riots is the perfect picture of just how many Americans are taking the ‘divide and conquer’ bait to a new extreme,” Blevins noted in her latest commentary.

Here’s more …

It’s not about “left vs. right,” and it’s not about “white vs. black.” At the end of the day, it’s about “tyranny vs. liberty,” and “the government vs. the people.” Until the American people choose to grasp that concept, we will continue to see division and destruction.

That sounds a lot like what we wrote in the aftermath of Charlottesville …

What we are bearing witness to is not white versus black – nor is it right versus left – it is serf versus serf.

Great minds think alike, huh?

Of course as legendary journalist Irwin M. Fletcher famously noted it “didn’t take Sherlock Holmes … Larry Holmes could’ve figured that one out.”

By the way it’s not just politically independent, libertarian-leaners who feel this way.  As we noted in this exclusive report yesterday, black nationalists are beginning to rebuke the white liberal opportunists who for decades have taken advantage of their plight.

So, this is a good thing …

It’s sad someone had to die for people to start pulling back the curtain, but the truth is we are beginning to see the first flashes of some long overdue “shared recognition” in this country.  People are, at long last it seems, starting to see who their real enemy is in the struggle for expanded liberty, opportunity and prosperity.

Anyway, props to Blevins for once again hitting the nail on the head.  We would urge our readers once again to visit her site and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.



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