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Skittles Are Racist?




The makers of Skittles decided to celebrate gay pride month by letting the LGBT movement borrow the candy’s trademark rainbow.

“During Pride, only one rainbow matters,” promotional material associated with the fruit-flavored confection noted. “So we’ve given up ours to show our support.”

All white everything #skittles #mysterymix #pride

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Not only that, Skittles’ manufacturer – Wrigley – announced it would devote some of the candy’s proceeds to pro-LGBT charities.

Sounds like the perfect politically correct moment, right?  Wrong …

Unfortunately for Skittles, the absence of color is … well, white.  And in 21st century America, you can’t celebrate anything white without people accusing you of being racist.

Which is exactly what happened …

According to far too many people with far too much time on their hands, “White Skittles = White Supremacy.”

Really …

Not only was Wrigley blasted for its alleged failure to take into account the diversity of the LGBT movement, it took heat from others for shamelessly exploiting gay pride in an effort to boost its sales.

Which brings us to our first point … why bother with this sort of pointless pandering?   The PC gods are never going to be appeased, so why do it?

Our second point … who honestly chooses candies based on the political views of the people who manufacture it?  Seems like it would be far smarter to choose one’s confections based on how good they taste … or whether the ingredients contained therein are healthy.

Call us crazy …

Bottom line?  Anyone who starts – or stops – eating Skittles because of Wrigley’s views on the LGBT movement is in desperate need of a life.



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