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Chip Limehouse Needs His Own Reality Show




This website has written previously on various family court proceedings involving former South Carolina state representative Chip Limehouse – a “family values” ex-lawmaker whose legal/ baby momma drama continues to draw headlines.

What gives?  Isn’t Limehouse out of office?  Shouldn’t we just leave him alone?

Yes, Limehouse is out of office … but he continues to serve as an appointee on the South Carolina State Transportation Infrastructure Bank (STIB), an entity which was the focus of extensive (and well-earned) criticism during the recent debate over whether to raise the Palmetto State’s gasoline tax.  The STIB has approved numerous questionable loans and grants for non-priority projects over the years – exposing taxpayers to elevated levels of debt while choking off funding to core highway maintenance and repaving needs.

More relevant to our coverage of his drama, though, Limehouse tried (and briefly succeeded) in sealing the records on his contentious child custody dispute – which is a big “no-no” in our book.  The extension of sealed record status to powerful politicos is a common occurrence in South Carolina – something we’ve consistently maintained is unfair to those of us who don’t benefit from such protections.

“If you screw up, everybody can read about it,” we wrote recently.  “If a wealthy politician or political appointee messes up?  They get the judges they appoint to protect them from embarrassment.”

Anyway, earlier this month Limehouse’s elder daughter – reality television starlet Eliza Limehouse – raised the profile of her father’s case even further by posting several images on social media leading up to Mother’s Day weekend.

The pictures were posted to Eliza Limehouse’s Instagram Page – and featured her, her father and (in one shot) Limehouse’s ex-wife, Susan Limehouse, posing with his new daughter.

Here are some of the posts …

So much love for this one ? see you Sunday nugget!

A post shared by Eliza Limehouse (@edlbaby) on

Sunday Funday with sleeping beauty #sistasista

A post shared by Eliza Limehouse (@edlbaby) on

What did the young girl’s mother think of her little girl being splashed all over a high-profile social media account – on Mother’s Day no less?

Not much …

“It’s not appropriate,” she told us, but declined to comment further and refused to answer any questions about the status of her ongoing court case with Limehouse.

“No further comment,” she told us, referring us to her attorney.

Obviously we’ll continue to follow Limehouse’s various cases as they make their way through the Palmetto State’s legal system … assuming the courts don’t seal the files first, that is.  In the meantime we’d encourage producers at Bravo TV – who took our advice once already – to check into Limehouse’s availability for a new reality program.

“Southern Charm XL,” anyone?

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