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Release: Jeff Duncan Launches “Thank Our First Responders” Tour



For the past five years, Congressman Jeff Duncan has organized a district tour focused on first responders and to thank them for their service while listening to their concerns. Every year the Congressman’s tour touches a different area of his 11 county district.

“These people are true servant leaders. Our first responders are there when we are at our weakest. They run towards the danger and those who call for help. Unfortunately, we tend to take these local heroes for granted. That is why the First Responders Tour is so important. By highlighting their service, I hope to encourage more people to acknowledge their courage and sacrifice given for the safety of the communities every day and gain more insight into the unique challenges they face,” Duncan said.

Below is a copy of the Congressman’s schedule for May 9th tour. Please contact Allen Klump at 202-225-5301 if you have any questions.

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