DC Operative: “This Is So Stupid”

IS NIKKI HALEY THE “LOVE CHILD OF ADLAI STEVENSON AND NIKITA KRUSHCHEV?” Staring down the Russian rep. at the UN, Amb. Haley asks, "How many more children have to die before Russia cares?" pic.twitter.com/yMZBCh870d — NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (@NBCNightlyNews) April 5, 2017 Sweet Mary mother of God…


Sweet Mary mother of God this is so stupid …

First off, Ivan accepted 25 million casualties in the Great Patriotic War.  They sent waves and waves of their young men with only shitty rifles and no training up against the Hun resulting in bloodletting few Americans can even comprehend.  They dropped IED’s disguised as toys on Afghan villages to blow up kids.  Only a moron would think Putin could be shamed or sickened by any of this.  Hell, this crap probably helps the guy.  He looks tough to an increasingly pissed off domestic Russian audience.  Some crazy American women is screaming about Arab casualties.  Yeah, a one-generation-removed-from-WWII babushka living in Yekaterinburg is going to be impressed by that as she watches the news reports of the St. Petersburg terrorist attacks and runs her hands over the medals grandfather won in the fourth battle of Kharkov.

Second, the Russian air force, navy and army special forces have been fighting in Syria for some time.  At considerable expense to Moscow and they REALLY can’t afford it.  Yet, their puppet Bashar al-Assad still needs to use gas?  I thought he won.  Aleppo fell and darkness had already spread across the land we were told.  Sounds to me the mean old Russians are stuck in a quagmire that they can’t win but can’t afford to lose either.  Why the heck is that necessarily bad for us?  Why are we so concerned about ending this Russian supported war that evidently the evil Russians aren’t winning?  Sure I’d like everyone to get along and no one to get hurt.  But let’s get real.  There is no magic peace button that make everyone get along.  Sometimes you just have to accept the least bad alternative.  It sucks.  But so do most things about being an adult.

Fourth,  the NORKs are starving millions,  the Chinese have enslaved a billion.  The Sudanese have been massacring each other for nearly a generation now.  This grandstanding over Syria is ridiculous and it just encourages all sides in this insanity to keep fighting because the dumbass Americans might send their men and women over to help/ hurt whichever side seems have best/ worst PR department.

Fifth, our new national security advisor is still rearranging the f*cking chairs in the situation room while the 1.75 term ex-governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley is pounding her Jimmy Choos on the table at the UN like she’s the love child of Adlai Stevenson and Nikita Khrushchev.  Seriously?

I’m pretty much a bomb-the-crap-out-of-anyone-who-looks-at-America-sideways type of guy.  But this is ridiculous grandstanding.  Assad’s a demonic person.   But he sure beats a lot of alternatives.  And since Assad just told the world that the combined might of Russia, Syria and Iran can’t beat whatever barbaric horde of people they believe to be fighting today, pointing out their impotence maybe a better strategy than preening at the UN.

Want to reassure our European allies?  Want to cut Putin down to size and undermine his international prestige?  Point out that his glorious military and his buddies in Iran and Syria can’t defeat a bunch of Arab loons in pickup trucks without resorting to weapons of mass destruction.

D.C. Operative is an analyst and informant who lives and works in and around our nations’ capital.  Got feedback?  Or a tip?  You can email him at DCOperativeForYou@Gmail.com.

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