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AFP State House Rally Reminder



MARCH 20, 2017 – Americans for Prosperity-South Carolina will be leading a rally and press conference at the State House this Tuesday, March 21stto urge South Carolina’s senators to oppose the gas tax bill that passed the House of Representatives. The grassroots advocacy group will be joined by Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant, Senator Tom Davis, and several of South Carolina’s state senators, pro-reform organizations and grassroots activists who are standing in opposition to a to a bill that refuses to reform the DOT and provide tax relief for our citizens.

If you are interested in covering the rally and attending the press conference or scheduling an interview, please contact Daniel Brennan at or 803-636-5166.

WHO: AFP-SC grassroots activists, Lt. Governor Bryant, Senator Davis, pro-freedom senators and the anti-gas tax coalition
WHAT: Gas Tax press conference and grassroots rally in the State House
WHEN: TOMORROW, Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 1:30-2:30pm (press conference begins at 1:45pm)
WHERE: State House, First Floor Lobby
WHY: The purpose behind this rally will be to build on growing momentum to defeat a stand-alone gas tax and call for reform at the South Carolina’s Department of Transportation.

Americans for Prosperity-South Carolina State Director Daniel Brennan issued the following statement:

“The legislature has found billions in new dollars over the last several fiscal years and are now asking for billions more from hardworking taxpayers in South Carolina to fix a problem that should never have existed in the first place. More than three-quarters of voters say they do not favor this standalone multi-tax hike proposal and we believe legislators should honor their constituents wishes and reform the DOT and take a serious look at tax reform before asking taxpayers to fork over more of their income.”’

South Carolina Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant issued the following statement:

“Simply taking more money out of your wallet, without changing anything about the business as usual, won’t fix our roads. I oppose perpetuating the status quo, and as your Lieutenant Governor, I oppose all efforts to raid your wallet.”

South Carolina Senator Tom Davis issued the following statement:

“Funding for our roads has skyrocketed from $1 billion in 2009 to $2.2 billion in 2016, but our interstates and highways remain in poor condition, and every lawmaker in Columbia knows why – the expenditure process is rigged, with funding for powerful politicians’ pet projects getting priority over routine repairs and maintenance. And now they want to raise taxes and take an additional $800 million a year from taxpayers’ pockets and dump it into a system they know is broken but don’t have the courage to fix.”

South Carolina Senator Shane Martin issued the following statement:

“This isn’t a roads bill, it’s a tax increase. There is no reason to believe that raising our taxes is the way to fix our roads, and I will have no part of trying to fool taxpayers into thinking otherwise.”


Lt. Gov Kevin Bryant
Sen. Tom Davis
Sen. Wes Climer
Sen. Thomas Corbin
Sen. Shane Martin
Sen. Scott Talley
Laurens County Councilman Stewart Jones


Americans for Prosperity-SC
Concerned Veterans for America-SC
SC Club for Growth
Carolina Independent Auto Dealers Assn
Laurens Co. Tea Party
Beaufort Tea Party
Coastal Carolina Conservatives

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