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GOP Sources: David Pascoe’s “Math Doesn’t Match”




Sources close to the S.C. House Republican caucus are raising questions about the accuracy of financial data being used by special prosecutor David Pascoe.  Specifically, they say numerous accounting errors have been made in his ongoing investigation of public corruption at the S.C. State House.

Specifically, sources close to the political organization – which represents all seventy-seven Republican members of the S.C. House – tell us the Democratic prosecutor is using “bad math” in calculating the amount of money the group has paid to various political operatives over the years.

“(The) numbers don’t match,” one source said. “The caucus never paid the kind of money the papers reported.  So we don’t know where Pascoe is getting his information.”

Another source familiar with Pascoe’s multiple lines of inquiry in this case confirmed that assessment – although they declined to place the blame on the prosecutor or say whether the alleged errors were relevant to the charges he intends to file.

“There are discrepancies … (but) who is to blame and whether they are central to what is being investigated, I don’t know,” the source told us.

Last time we checked, Pascoe was getting his information directly from the organization … which makes this a very curious contretemps indeed.

Obviously Pascoe can ill afford to commit any errors in his high-profile probe … which appears to be on the verge of doling out some serious consequences to several prominent Palmetto politicos.

One of those prominent politicos – powerful neo-Confederate consultant Richard Quinn – was reportedly called to testify before a statewide grand jury earlier this week.

As we noted earlier this week, though, the Democratic prosecutor is facing increasing pressure to investigate recent offenses allegedly committed by members of his own party prior to digging back several decades in an effort to ensnare additional Republican targets.

This website has lent its voice in support of that narrative previously …

Pascoe can ill afford “the perception that his investigation is being manipulated for political purposes,” we wrote last September.

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