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Wofford “Black Lives Matter” Event Prompts Outrage




A #BlackLivesMatter event held on the campus of Wofford College has sparked outrage against the school and its administration.

The event – held earlier this week on Wofford’s Spartanburg, S.C. campus – featured Derrick Quarles, founder of the Upstate South Carolina chapter of this black nationalist group.

Not surprisingly, Quarles’ receipt of a forum from Wofford did not sit well with many graduates of the school – especially those who went on to pursue careers in law enforcement.

Zach Hinton, a Wofford graduate who until recently worked with the Greenville County sheriff’s department, penned a scathing response to his alma mater on social media.

“I have heard Derrick use hateful language towards local law enforcement during protests and during some of his speeches,” Hinton wrote on his Facebook page.  “This language has been part of the narrative that has incited violence against law enforcement nation wide.”

Other Wofford alumni seconded his concerns – urging that the issue be brought to the attention of school leaders.

According to Hinton, “the fact that our alma mater would give someone like Derrick a platform to spread his anti-law enforcement rhetoric is a blatant sign of disrespect.”

“This is a sobering reminder that the institution that raised me to walk out of the front gates and make a difference in the world really didn’t mean it,” Hinton added.

This website has repeatedly rebuked the #BlackLivesMatter movement, its leaders and its list of demands.  We’ve especially condemned its violence – while seeking to lend critical perspective to its claims.

“America needs an #AllLivesMatter populism … one based on real economic empowerment and a respect for individual liberty,” we wrote last year.

That’s how we see it anyway …

Having said that, Wofford is a private institution and if it wishes to invite people like Quarles to appear on its campus – that’s obviously up to its administrators.

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