Michael McDaniel: “You’re Fired!”

MILLENNIAL CEO’S EPIC “TRUMPIAN FAIL” || By MICHAEL McDANIEL || What an incredible turn of events. Last week, voters across the fifty states from sea to shining sea, (minus some in North Eastizstan and the Soviet Republics of California, Oregon, and Washington), chose a complete redirect from the last eight…


|| By MICHAEL McDANIEL || What an incredible turn of events. Last week, voters across the fifty states from sea to shining sea, (minus some in North Eastizstan and the Soviet Republics of California, Oregon, and Washington), chose a complete redirect from the last eight years.

The days of the Obama Regime are numbered and Donald Trump, the celebrity-builder, is now on the verge of erecting way more than just hotels and casinos.

The left is in complete and utter crackup, tailspin, freak-out, meltdown, basket case mode.  They are experiencing upheaval like they have never known.  Universities are establishing for their Millennial Snowflakes cry rooms, craft-time, therapy dogs, and pet-a-pony for students to “manage” their grief.  Professors are canceling classes and mid-terms, and students are joining together holding hands and singing Kumbaya as if their puppy just ran out on to a crowded highway.

Anarchists and rioters, many of them paid and bussed-in, are taking to the city streets looking to beat up Trump supporters, wail and scream, and destroy their neighborhoods.  By the way, it’s always a great idea to destroy local small businesses that employ your friends and neighbors – who also provide essential products and services.  But restraint would be reasonable and reason is not in-season nor necessary when you are driven by hateful impulses.

Now we have bubble wrap business leaders who are in-kind experiencing severe deflation in their bubbles.

“What. No trophy!?”

Take for instance Matt Maloney.  Mr. Maloney is the founder and CEO of Grubhub – an online company that facilitates food deliveries.  Upon learning the results of the election and seeing his meaning-in-life become largely in-question because Her Highness Hillary Clinton was sent to the gulag of forgotten criminals – Maloney quickly crafted his emotional tantrum into a company email and banged the “send” button. (Click the link and scroll to the bottom of the page to read his original email).

Maloney made it clear in his email that if you are employed by Grubhub, and you do not agree with Maloney in his contempt for Trump – then you are welcome to resign immediately as he states, “you have no place here.”

As the CEO, Maloney just engaged in creating a hostile work environment and possibly created an environment of “disparate impact” to a segment of his discriminated-against employees.  He also engaged in behaviors that can be interpreted as punishing his employees for expressing their First Amendment freedoms by equating their political speech as unwanted, unacceptable, and unemployable by Grubhub.  Among other laws, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects Americans against this kind of unsavory, discriminatory behavior.

Memo to Maloney; you’re an idiot and you should be immediately removed from the leadership of your publicly-traded company. Furthermore, if any of your Human Resources staff reviewed your email before you hit the “send” button – they too should be immediately terminated to never be employed as an HR professional in this lifetime and the next.

Here’s to hoping you don’t survive the lawsuit(s).

Let’s call this what it is; intellectual tyranny. In other words – if you don’t subscribe to a very specific set of beliefs and ideals then you are a misogynistic, racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic islamophobe.  In Maloney’s case, because you voted for Trump, which sufficiently describes you as someone who loves their country (nationalism), its borders, and its laws (immigration) – in his words, then you are targeted for “intellectual terrorism.”  His inclusive campaign of kicking Trump supporters found in his company to the curb, and treating them with a warm-hearted heave-ho is drenched in liberal/leftist inspiration.

We’ve seen the placards held by protesters/rioters heralding, “Love Trumps Hate.”  But when we see shout downs and beat downs of Trump supporters, the protesting of a free-democratic election, the characterization of opposing ideas as “fascist” and “racist,” and the closeting of free speech in America’s school rooms from our high school to college campuses – we have reached the fever-pitch of hate. That doesn’t sound, look, or feel like love.

The left has quickly seized the mantle of “The Ministry of Love,” or “The Ministry of Truth,” that George Orwell coined in his novel, 1984, as they propose the jack-booted stomping out of anyone who engages in “thoughtcrime.”  You know – having different ideas and opinions contrary to leftist-politically correct ideology.

Leftists have proven that they hate opposing ideas to the extent that they will engage in physical and rhetorical violence across this nation.  When there is no tolerance for opposing opinions – that my friend is the definition of tyranny.

Welcome to the hysterical-tyrannical left. Intellectual terrorism is now cool.  Oh, and so is protesting in upscale shopping malls. Very convenient for “protesters/looters” to get an early start on Christmas shopping – especially when you don’t have a job.

Michael McDaniel is a freelance opinion writer and commentator covering national and election politics for online publication and radio. Follow Michael McDaniel on Twitter @Sylencedogood for his 140 character surgical dismantling of the liberal left. 

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