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Curtis Loftis Teaches Kids Financial Literacy




State treasurer Curtis Loftis has been trying to teach “financial literacy” to South Carolina’s highest-ranking elected officials for years.  Unfortunately for Palmetto State taxpayers, they haven’t listened.

Fortunately Loftis is finding a much more receptive audience with his “Future Scholar Financial Literacy Program,” which aims to teach young South Carolinians essential financial skills.

“We are proud to bring this critical financial education to elementary students across South Carolina,” Loftis said. “Through online simulations and gaming, the Future Scholar Financial Literacy Program will help set our students on a path to financial security and a successful life.  It’s so important for students to start saving for their futures early.”

Loftis’ financial literacy program isn’t some government boondoggle.  It is privately-funded – and made available to elementary schools across the state at no cost to the schools or the taxpayer.

In its first year of implementation, Loftis’ program reached roughly 5,500 students in nearly 100 schools across the state.

It works, too.  Participating students’ knowledge of key financial topics rose by an average of 36 percent based on pre- and post-assessment scores, according to the treasurer’s office.

That’s an excellent outcome – and it didn’t cost taxpayers a dime.

Hopefully Loftis will be able to expand this program moving forward – and hopefully it will continue imparting valuable financial knowledge to future generations of South Carolinians.

For more information on how schools can sign up for the Future Scholar Financial Literacy Program, click here.   For more information about South Carolina’s 529 Plan, click here.