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Letter: Nikki Haley Absent On Recreation Commission Scandal




Dear Editor,

The Richland County Recreation Commission in an agency running amok – answerable to no one.  This is a problem that is all too common in our state.

What we know:

1. There are ongoing investigations of this agency, its director and its management.

2. The Agency is rife with nepotism, unqualified staff, and bad managers.

3. A majority of the Richland County Legislative Delegation has called for the director to be dismissed, and had to file a FOIA request to get even the most basic questions answered.

4. Commissioners were using commission funds to pay for attorneys over and above what was budgeted, and, we believe to defend themselves. These attorneys fees should be paid for privately.

What could be done? Can governor Nikki Haley remove or suspend directors or commissioners during an investigation or for malfeasance?

We do not know.

We do know the governor has been awfully quite about this issue, just like she was quiet during the 2012 Election Debacle that was orchestrated by Lillian McBride and her cronies like attorney Liz Crum and other members of the election commission.

We believe the governor should have the authority to step in and remove elected and appointed officials for maleficence, or at least suspend them pending the outcome of investigation.

At the election commission, it is extremely clear that the fox is guarding the hen house.  Maybe the governor and the legislature should pass a law that grants some limited executive action in these extreme cases.

Currently the taxpayers are the losers when there is government corruption. We need to hold honest taxpayers harmless, if possible, from the actions of corrupt appointed and elected officials.


Concerned Richland County Citizens




“Concerned Citizens,” Thanks for your letter.  Your concerns are indeed well-justified.  This website recently wrote on this corrupt commission and I have to say – I was shocked by what has gone on.  Now, should the governor be allowed to remove local officials prior to an arrest?  That’s an interesting question (addressed in detail in this post).  You are absolutely correct, though, when you note that Haley has been eerily silent on this matter.  By contrast members of the local legislative delegation – Democrats and “Republicans” alike – have been sounding the alarm and working overtime to protect taxpayers.

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