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Chip Limehouse’s Baby Momma Drama Escalates




Two weeks ago, we brought our readers the latest on soon-to-be former S.C. Rep. Chip Limehouse and his imploding personal life.

Why do we care?  We don’t, really … but the rotund fiscal liberal attempted to have the files related to his contentious divorce proceedings sealed.

Naturally, that did not sit well with us …

“The sealing of divorce records for prominent politicos has become routine in South Carolina … yet another example of the preferential treatment received by those in power in the Palmetto State,” we wrote in our most recent post.

Basically it works like this: When ordinary people screw up, the salacious details of their private lives become part of the public record for everyone to see. Whether they like it or not. Of course if you “know somebody,” then the dirty details of your extracurriculars can be kept under lock and key … zealously guarded by judges who are often appointed by the very people whose dirty laundry they are hiding.

Indeed.  Accordingly, whenever powerful Palmetto public figures seek to avail themselves of such preferential judicial treatment, we’re going to do our best to find out exactly what it is they are trying to hide.

In Limehouse’s case, that would appear to be some serious “baby momma drama,” specifically an as-yet-uncovered “paternity situation” associated with a divorce proceeding initiated against him by his wife, Susan Limehouse.

We’ve refrained from naming names in this particular instance – but according to our sources, a woman who has been romantically linked to Limehouse in the past made a very interesting Facebook post over the Labor Day weekend.

In fact our founding editor Will Folks tweeted a screen cap of the message he was provided …

Damn … get the popcorn, indeed!

We’ll keep our ear to the ground (and our pantry full of Orville Redenbacher) as it relates to this story but it appears as though Limehouse wants to give fellow polo-playing Lowcountry politico Thomas Ravenel a run for his money.

(Banner image via Travis Bell Photography)