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Chip Limehouse Has Baby Momma Drama




We wrote earlier this year about the drama surrounding outgoing S.C. Rep. Chip Limehouse and his sealed divorce case.

Why’d we do that?  Because when elected officials (or their cronies) try to hide things that would otherwise be part of the public record, our ears perk up – and usually with good reason.

Seriously: Had Limehouse’s attorneys not attempted to seal these public files, we probably wouldn’t have cared about what was in them.

So … what’s in them?

According to our sources, Limehouse is (shocker) accused of infidelity in his pending divorce case.  Honestly, though, that’s not at all surprising seeing as earlier this year we interviewed a woman who claimed to have engaged in a multi-year, extramarital affair with the family values “conservative.”

Our guess is this infidelity allegation will be easily proven over the course of the upcoming court action – especially seeing as sources familiar with the situation now tell us there is an “issue of paternity” associated with the case.

Wait … what? 

Somebody got baby momma drama?

Apparently so …  and although we’ve been provided with all sorts of detailed information related to this situation, out of respect for the mother (and most importantly, the child) we’re not going to plaster the names of private people all over the internet.

We will, however, keep an eye on the Limehouse proceedings (to the extent we can) and let readers know what we are able to uncover.

Also word to the wise: If you’re an elected official in South Carolina, don’t try and hide your dirty laundry!