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Barack Obama Clears His Calendar For Hillary Clinton




Because he’s apparently got nothing better to do, U.S. president Barack Obama will “clear his calendar” during the month of October to campaign “aggressively” on behalf of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“The president plans to campaign aggressively for … Clinton this fall,” Michael D. Shear of The New York Times reported. “Aides have largely cleared his calendar in October, and barring new crises, the White House expects Obama to be on the campaign trail almost daily leading up to Election Day.”

Wow … guess that “free world” will continue to lead itself, huh?

“They are terrified,” one veteran Washington, D.C.-based operative told us, referring to Clinton’s abysmal poll numbers (and the recent bump in polling for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump).

Others were incredulous …

“With ISIS on the march and the economy in turmoil Obama will take the month of October off,” Jim Hoft of the website Gateway Pundit noted in disbelief. “Unreal.”

Indeed …