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1,400-Pound Tiger Shark Caught On SC Coast




A fisherman caught a 1,400-pound Tiger shark off the coast of Hilton Head Island, S.C. this week … only to discover it was the same shark he caught in nearby waters just over a year ago.

Chip Michalove first caught the shark – named “Chessie” (after the nearby Chechessie River) – last May. At the time, it weighed 1,200 pounds.

The shark has traveled more than 2,000 miles in that time span.

Here’s how Michalove described the experience on Facebook …

Unbelievable. Remember Chessie, the 1200lb Tiger shark we satellite tagged last year? She’s still here!! The Gaspar crew, from Oklahoma, battled a monster Tiger shark this morning.  When I saw the sat tag and recognized it was the big lady from last year….i nearly croaked. We tagged her 1 year and 8 days ago. She’s a lot bigger, much stronger, but sweet as ever. First Satellite tagged shark I’ve recaptured.

Here are a few pictures of “Chessie” posted by Michalove …

(Click to enlarge)

chessie 002

chessie 001

(Pics via Facebook)