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Kathryn Dennis Rocks Bikini Bod




We’ve heard from several of our readers recently that they don’t like our ongoing coverage of the train wreck that is Southern Charm, the Charleston, S.C.-based reality television show currently in its third season on Bravo.

Our response? 1) Numbers don’t lie. And 2) Everybody loves a train wreck.

After threatening to put our founding editor Will Folks in a mobile home two years ago, Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel might end up inadvertently helping us install that swimming pool we’ve always wanted.

Same with his ex-girlfriend, the lovely Kathryn Dennis (whose New York City-based agent also recently threatened to sue us).

Anyway, to our critics who say they’re tired of the “Charmed” coverage, we offer the following rebuttal: Kathryn Dennis’ bikini bod.

Take a look …

Yeah … still sick of our “Charmed” coverage?

Dennis, 24, has been under fire in recent weeks as the off-screen drama between her and Ravenel has escalated. Of course her toxic relationship with the 53-year-old playboy (and former South Carolina treasurer) has contributed mightily to the show’s ratings surge … which appears to have carried over from last season.

Southern Charm airs Monday evenings at 9:00 p.m. EDT on Bravo …