Brussels Bombed

TERROR STRIKES AT EUROPE … AGAIN At least three bombs exploded in Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday – killing more than two dozen people and injuring at least 130.  Two of the detonations – including one believed to be a suicide attack – took place at Brussels Airport in Zaventem, Belgium.  The…


At least three bombs exploded in Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday – killing more than two dozen people and injuring at least 130.  Two of the detonations – including one believed to be a suicide attack – took place at Brussels Airport in Zaventem, Belgium.  The third explosion rocked a city subway.

The attacks – believed to be coordinated – took place at around 7:45 a.m. local time, 2:45 a.m. EDT.

One of the airport bombs reportedly detonated at the check-in counter for American Airlines.  The individual who detonated that device reportedly brandished a rifle and shouted in Arabic prior to setting off the explosion, Belgian news media reported.

Brussels is home to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – a Cold War-era collective defense organization that includes European and North American members (including the United States).  It is also the headquarters of the European Union.

“This is a cowardly attack, an attack on our values and on our open societies,” NATO Leader Jens Stoltenberg said in a statement. “Terrorism will not defeat democracy and take away our freedoms.”

“These attacks mark another low by the terrorists in the service of hatred and violence.” EU president Donald Tusk said.

Graphic images of the immediate aftermath of the attack were captured by photojournalist Benjamin Wareing and posted to his Twitter page …

The attacks took place less than a week after authorities captured 26-year-old Salah Abdeslam – believed to be one of the perpetrators of the December 2015 Paris attacks – which killed 130 people. Police are still hunting 24-year-old Laachroui Najim, another suspect in the Paris attacks.


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Nölff March 22, 2016 at 8:52 am

News like this is starting to act like a scratched up vinyl record.

TroubleBaby March 22, 2016 at 9:27 am

Even the responses to it as well:

“attack on democracy/freedom”; yada yada yada

Nölff March 22, 2016 at 10:31 am

Where’s everyone’s Belgian flag profile pic?

Rocky Verdad March 22, 2016 at 1:29 pm

Isn’t Belgium in Asheville. I know the beer is.

Clarence Boddicker March 22, 2016 at 10:06 am

I’m shocked this could happen in the capital of the EU! Islam is a religion of peace and the only reason they are mad and do this is because evil white European natives aren’t more nice and welcoming to them invading countries and raping their women!

Rocky Verdad March 22, 2016 at 11:43 am

Unless you were targeting, I dunno – the Capital of the EU?

Clarence Boddicker March 22, 2016 at 1:10 pm

The EU is an oppressive racist patriarchal regime that is trying to suppress diversity and vibrancy. They have actively discouraged innocent migrants from invading and raping native European lands and must be stopped!

Nölff March 22, 2016 at 7:28 pm

I like your style.

TroubleBaby March 23, 2016 at 8:32 am

It is quite true that lots of undesirable Muslim’s(read criminals and/or unemployable) are flooding into Europe and their Lefty leadership is giving them carte blanche and welfare.

However, we musn’t lose sight of the fact as to why they left their homeland to start….what is it driving them away? Hmmm…what could it be? (cue the Churchlady)

Clarence Boddicker March 23, 2016 at 10:37 am

I shouldn’t have to do your research for you. The only question you have to ask is why is it only non-whites going to white countries and who enables that?

TroubleBaby March 23, 2016 at 10:47 am

“I shouldn’t have to do your research for you.”

I agree.

“The only question you have to ask is why is it only non-whites going to white countries and who enables that?”

The problem is if you limit yourself to only that question, you limit your understanding of the bigger picture.

Clarence Boddicker March 23, 2016 at 11:13 am

I just always follow the (((money)). We are likely on the same page.

TroubleBaby March 23, 2016 at 11:30 am

Probably partially, but I have no problem calling out 50 years(some might say more) of interventionist policy by Western govs as a contributing factor to Muslim destabilization and this emergency migration by many of their unsavory types.

TroubleBaby March 23, 2016 at 8:29 am

and NATO too….

Trumpism March 22, 2016 at 10:07 am

President Barack Obama declared in an interview that ISIS had been “contained,” asserting that the terror cell had been stalled in Iraq and Syria.False.

President Obama and those others like him support ISIS as pay back against patriotic Americans for what they believe are America’s past crimes.Why he is with Castro right now.

Rocky Verdad March 22, 2016 at 11:37 am

Oooo-lami salami.

Rocky Verdad March 22, 2016 at 11:37 am

Sandhills Elementary School Student Jesse Torres and Sandhills Physical Education Teacher Josh Nabb received the Lexington Medical Center Foundation’s Living Well Award

erneba March 22, 2016 at 12:14 pm

And he wants Americans to open our country and our hearts to these people.

Trumpism March 22, 2016 at 12:15 pm

THESE people are HIM. No thank you indeed.

TooStupidToLive March 22, 2016 at 1:21 pm

Really, since we routinely use our military (George Bush’es Mercinaries) to kill their kids, and women, and old people, wonder why they hate us!!?!

Bible Thumper March 22, 2016 at 1:48 pm

It was Belgium that was attacked, not America. Why do they hate the Yazidis, the Shia and the Assyrian Christians?

TroubleBaby March 23, 2016 at 8:28 am

Brussels is the de facto headquarters for both NATO and the EU…both of which are lending support to war in Islamic countries.

The security at both HQ’s is far better than the airport which is fairly close by.

Too Smart to die March 22, 2016 at 3:40 pm

You know, that “too stupid to live” thing you obviously recognize in yourself, can be easily remedied by your own action. You could remove your ramblings from your own misery. Or, you could choose meds and professional help! Unless, you are past the help faze, that is. I would suggest mental health self incarceration.

erneba March 23, 2016 at 6:48 pm

YES, really.

Truth Hurts March 22, 2016 at 12:41 pm

Obama is a muslim, communist idiot!

Obviously March 22, 2016 at 1:22 pm

You wouldn’t know truth if it shat on you.

Can you read? doubtful! March 22, 2016 at 2:45 pm

Read his book! says basically that!

PlainAsTheNoseOnYourFace March 22, 2016 at 10:39 am

George W Bush made ISIS when he Lied us into war in Iraq and Fucked all Iraqies, but did not Kill all Iraqies. If we were really serious about holding people accountable for their unlawful acts we would send George Bush to the International War Crimes Tribunal in Belgium. Such action might serve as warning for other wanna be Tyrants such as Trump. But, we won’t do the right thing here any more than we will demand that Mitch McConnell abide by the law and process the President’s Supreme Court Nominee. We have no respect for Rule Of Law in the USA any more. Why expect any better from those we fuck with and make our enimies.

RaceToTheBottom March 22, 2016 at 10:48 am

In SouthCarolina we got to to watch Mark Sanford publicly pee all over himself (call a press conference to publicly confess his Crimes of Moral Terpitude) and rather than demand he resign, we let him serve out his term as Governor, then elected him to the US Congress, where all the really accomplished Criminals end up. No respect for Rule of Law here. Given our morals, we actually deserve worse than we get. (Just stand by…

accross the river March 22, 2016 at 1:04 pm

Don’t forget the disgraced Richard Eckstrom, Bob Peeler, Nelson Hardwick, Bobby Harrell, Ken Ard, Thad Viers, etc. They have shown us what a lack of morals, ethics and corruption will do as it runs rampant in our political system. You can then throw in that bunch over in Lexington and Mayor of Columbia and Richland County Council!!
Oh yea, let us not forget Haley too!

Trumpism March 22, 2016 at 11:06 am

Traitor Obama is down in Cuba calling America racist and in the arms of a terrorist, communist dictator today while his radical Islamic soul mates- ISIS-murder Christians around the world.

All that needs to be said.

Rocky Verdad March 22, 2016 at 11:38 am

Red Beans and Rice – are nice. Morning Flip – back again eh?

Flip March 22, 2016 at 11:12 pm

Sleeve rolled up and needle full of FITS going right into his vein. Another day of commenting here instead of getting a job for Pogo.

Alpha/Omega March 22, 2016 at 1:19 pm

NO, NO O is going to fix this with his Dems. in Congress! Remember the FIRST ORDER of BUSINESS for TAKE GUNS AWAY FROM THE LAW ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!!
HELLNOLERY, IS ON BOARD 100%. She wants an “Australian GUN CONFISCATION”!!! The Dems. answer to everything, punish the law abiding Americans!

NeedsMercyKilling March 22, 2016 at 1:25 pm

Wow. Someone as stupid as you are really shouldn’t be able to write. But then, I believe in miracles…

No Mercy given March 22, 2016 at 2:46 pm

Miracles do happen! Like you being fathered by a dead Jackass!

CorruptionInColumbia March 22, 2016 at 12:42 pm

I was with you until the part about Trump. Trump wants to extricate us from this mess and keep it from getting worse here. Nothing wrong with that.

Trumpism March 22, 2016 at 1:14 pm

Thought you might like this-I kinda like his ‘Bible’…

Donald Trump was asked if he could quote any Bible verses.

He answered: Trump 20:16, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Deport him and you won’t have to feed him again.”

Bible Thumper March 22, 2016 at 1:41 pm

Correction: Two Trump 20:16

Patriot Act FTW March 22, 2016 at 10:40 am

“Terrorism will not defeat democracy and take away our freedoms.”

if only we had leaders like this in the US

RogueElephant March 22, 2016 at 12:28 pm

We have one working through the process now. TRUMP 2016.

CorruptionInColumbia March 22, 2016 at 12:30 pm


Andrew March 22, 2016 at 12:35 pm

Times 100 million!!

Mark March 22, 2016 at 11:27 am

So Cruz says if elected he will declare Holy War on Islam, and the Don says if he were President he would close US borders until “we figure this thing out.” I can’t wait for one of these guys to be in control.

CorruptionInColumbia March 22, 2016 at 12:33 pm

Closing the borders to muzzies until we figure it out, makes infinitely more sense than opening the floodgates, as we have already done, and letting them pour in.

Sgt. Major Blocker March 22, 2016 at 12:37 pm


Nat March 22, 2016 at 12:59 pm

Figure out what? More thorough screening, yes, I agree with that. But we already know what is going on, terrorism- that has been in existence for a long time. Just a different group – they’re like weeds, kill one another grows. IMO, it is like mass shootings, we’ll never solve the problem. We can only try to thwart it with intelligence.

Crooner March 22, 2016 at 2:01 pm

There is no military solution to the scourge of terrorism. The only hope is a political solution. And Israel ain’t helping much on that end.

RogueElephant March 22, 2016 at 12:33 pm

I can’t either.

Mary March 22, 2016 at 2:35 pm

I really can’t believe after the Bush administration anyone thinks Holy War would work. We spent two to three trillion dollars and are no better off than we were before we fought that stupid war. In fact our efforts created ISIS. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. Most of them wish us no ill will. Holy War will change that. If we buy in to the concept this is a clash of religions, and America is going to supply the armies of Christianity we are in deep trouble.

idcydm March 22, 2016 at 4:36 pm

“two to three trillion dollars”…in case you don’t know two to three is a big, big number when your talking trillion, no wonder we’re 19 trillion in national debt.

“There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. Most of them wish us no ill will.”…with 1.6 billion you would think a million or so would clean up their own terrorist if they really wished us and the rest of of the world no ill will.

Bill March 22, 2016 at 6:36 pm

Actually she is right, the cost was about 2 trillion.

Bush kept that off the budget while he was president, so it had to be absorbed in later budgets. So yes a significant part of our current deficit.

idcydm March 22, 2016 at 9:20 pm

You missed my point Bill, I know what the war has cost. Like I said there’s a big, big difference between two and three trillion dollars. To be that flippant tells me Mary and so many others don’t care or know the difference and that is why the national debt has doubled under the last two Presidents,

Rocky Verdad March 22, 2016 at 11:40 am

Obviously we need to withdraw from NATO like Trump says.

CorruptionInColumbia March 22, 2016 at 12:18 pm

That AND the UN would make for a great start.

Tazmaniac March 22, 2016 at 12:25 pm

Let’s start with the UN and then go about dumping NATO.

CorruptionInColumbia March 22, 2016 at 12:31 pm

Okay! Works for me!

Rocky Verdad March 22, 2016 at 12:43 pm

Morning CC – I’m looking forward to Wil’s next gas price article – when you post Meat Curtains it always makes my day.

CorruptionInColumbia March 22, 2016 at 12:46 pm

Good morning, Rocky! You know how it is man, sometimes ya just gotta be thinking Arby’s.


Oh one of your greats from the past that always gives me a chuckle:
“Hey buddy, wat’cha doing there?”

Rocky Verdad March 22, 2016 at 1:31 pm

Man, any guy dumb enough to have an affair and bring the mistress into the master bedroom at home – is an idiot.

“Hey buddy, wat’cha doin'” – kid walking into bedroom with iPhone on video record.

RogueElephant March 22, 2016 at 12:33 pm

President Trump could make one really great hotel / apartment building out of UN headquarters. Big improvement.

erneba March 22, 2016 at 11:57 am

You could have the attitude of our “fearless leader”.

‘People Committed Terrible Deeds in the Name of Christ’
‘Remember the Crusades’

Nat March 22, 2016 at 12:06 pm

Obama in an interview with The Atlantic recently brought this up saying Wahhabism has spread to Indonesia and other parts of SE Asia. And we consider Saudi Arabia an ally?

Saudi Arabia, which expounds a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam known as Wahhabism, largely controls the Great Mosque of Brussels, and is known for funding Islamic organizations around the world. Saudi influence in preaching that style of Islam has bolstered the mainstream Sunni space, creating a breeding room within the country — as well as in countries like Belgium — for extremism, and fostering it.

Belgians are overwhelmed –

“We just don’t have the people to watch anything else and, frankly, we don’t have the infrastructure to properly investigate or monitor hundreds of individuals suspected of terror links, as well as pursue the hundreds of open files and investigations we have,” the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said.

“It’s literally an impossible situation and, honestly, it’s very grave.”

Marie Barf March 22, 2016 at 12:12 pm

Don’t worry folks….it’s just the JVs who attacked. I’m sure Sec of State Lurch Kerry will issue a sternly worded memo, or sticky note, and all will be well with the world. Resume your regularly scheduled activities with heads planted firmly in your rectal cavities, riding your unicorns towards that beautiful rainbow!

erneba March 22, 2016 at 12:27 pm

Maybe he can send James Taylor over to Brussels to sing “Fire and Rain’.

Wake Up America! March 22, 2016 at 12:32 pm

No WAY? Obama says they are a JV team! They are contained and degraded! Obama is an idiot!! Our borders are wide open, Border Patrol told to stand down! O says, “close Gitmo!
Wait until this begins on a regular basis here. They, are in fact, already here, just sleeping right now, waiting for an opportunity and orders!
The DAMN DEMS are trying to infiltrate votes and are infiltrating TERROR, DRUGS and CRIMINALS, in that effort. The Country and the people be DAMNED! Those votes are more important to them!

CorruptionInColumbia March 22, 2016 at 12:37 pm

I agree, but one thing, it’s not just the Dems. There are a hell of a lot of sellout, turncoat Republicans on board with this treason.

McCain, Graham, Ryan, Mulvaney, Rubio, Cruz, and more, want to sell us out.

no respect to them March 22, 2016 at 12:39 pm

Affirmative! Screw them, O, pelosi, reid and the rest of their ilk!

Trumpism March 22, 2016 at 12:51 pm

You got it!

FED UP!! March 22, 2016 at 12:47 pm

Remember Obama and his administration ordered the “SCRUBBING” of intelligence reports to sugar coat the dangers of terrorists already in this Country and the dangers they pose!
Can’t get enough Muslims and illegal votes for these Dumbocrats!

CorruptionInColumbia March 22, 2016 at 1:05 pm

Trump scares certain people because he “knows the score”, “knows what time it is”, etc. One more example can be found in an interview about sixty days ago.

ToStupidToLive March 22, 2016 at 1:15 pm

Jefferson said that in the New United States if people were too stupid to govern themselves, the solution was not to take that power away, but to educate them (selves). Given how these commentators here are deferring to Trump the way Germans did to Hitler. (Save my sorry ass ’cause I’m too Lazy.) Too Lazy and comfortably Stupid to Educate themselves, it is Abundantly Clear that Jefferson assumed Too much. Too many Stupid Americans Are Throwing Away With Both Hands what the Greatest Generation fought so hard to preserve. Congratulations Assholes! Obama was so close to Jefferson in ideas that so many of the Stupids here wish we could do to Obama what we did to Jesus Christ. Luckily, the Stupid are also the Cowardly. Nonetheless, if only to educate those who may come after, May we reap exactly as we have sewn.

CorruptionInColumbia March 22, 2016 at 1:55 pm

Are you serious? Gotta love the numerous “comparisons” of Trump to Hitler or Mussolini as Trump is scaring the crap out of a machine with the potential to be every bit as evil as Hitler or Mussolini ever hoped to be, the New World Order. George Soros as the NWO/Illuminati’s front man is pulling out all the stops to derail Trump’s candidacy. If anything, this should prove how badly we need Trump in office.

Original Good Old Boy March 22, 2016 at 2:42 pm

I’m having a hard time wondering whether this is satirical trolling or your honest opinion.

In any event, lay off the excessive capitalization. It Makes Your Sentences Look Strange.

true blue March 22, 2016 at 2:09 pm

To, “to stupid to live”
” Oh, You, Great One!” you are the most intelligent, most brilliant, most educated one !……How you lower yourself “Oh Most Brilliant and Great One” to be on this site is amazing and humbling to us. We the ” low intelligent ones” are so grateful for your insightful discussion, not to say anything about your beautiful use of English language, your use of language shows how magnificently you were educated. You are a jewel to the world….. How the world has not discovered your brilliance is so, so unfair, just like Hitler was ignored in the art world……We, the “uneducated Americans” bow to your superior knowledge, not only of world affairs, but of religion, you also appear to speak for the Lord, maybe He speaks to you, and maybe you should listen to your doctor and go and take your medicine, you know they told you to not stop taking it, then again maybe you should go check to see on Craig list where they are hiring people to demonstrate against Trump, they pay $12. Oh yes, Jefferson died bankrupt and Obama is bankrupting his country, that is the only similarity. Go back to the library.

Albaco March 22, 2016 at 3:42 pm

never mind them. Their screen name says all, “Too stupid to live”! Enough said.

Why did they do it? March 22, 2016 at 3:39 pm

Blowback is real.

Flip March 22, 2016 at 11:15 pm

Blowback is an inconvenient truth for war loving scum.

OhverSeer March 22, 2016 at 4:14 pm

The Enemy – Islam and their useful idiots on the left.

BOTH need to be eradicated !

Flip March 22, 2016 at 11:13 pm

Yes, genocide, that will solve everything. Don’t quit your day job.

idcydm March 22, 2016 at 4:44 pm

1.6 billion Muslims that wish us no ill will, I might believe that if they would even hint that they wanted to clean house and kill their own terrorist.

Round em up March 22, 2016 at 6:42 pm

Kill “their” own terrorists? You do realize we are talking about a religion, not a nation or a state. How many people did “Christians” kill last year. How many Christian Churches kill murderers who happen to be Christian.

idcydm March 22, 2016 at 9:34 pm

I realize you don’t like it that I pointed out the terrorist are Muslims. Muslims have a responsibility to accept that fact and at least try to solve their terrorist problem. You do realize there are Muslim Nations that are supporting Muslim Terrorist.

round em up March 23, 2016 at 1:20 am

So Indonesia and Bangledesh have an obligation to raise armies and invade Syria and attack ISIS? Or are you saying they should send troops to Belgium?

idcydm March 23, 2016 at 7:34 am

I don’t give a damn where the Muslims come from or how they do it, they sure aren’t doing anything now. Did you forget, ISIS is in Iraq and Libya also?

LouieBuoy March 22, 2016 at 4:46 pm

Looks like the 3 identified thus far easily wheeled in their bombs into the airport on luggage carts. It is long past time to stop all luggage from being carried into any airport or transportation center, or other places of assembly. This includes all backpacks, purses, laptops, etc. Extreme? Not if you want to stop them from bombing these soft targets.

Pogo March 22, 2016 at 5:37 pm

I love things like this because I get to hate on Obama when it happens! Allahu akbar!


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