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What Americans Should Be Worried About




After what happened in Chicago between supporters of GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and a rabble of far left agitators, Americans of varying ideological stripes are expressing profound disenchantment with their nation’s political process.

That’s a good thing … they should be upset. But do they know why they should be upset? In predictable politically-correct fashion, we’ve heard a lot of hand-wringing from the liberal mainstream media about Trump’s “angry words” and “divisive rhetoric” – or from the conservative media about the protesters “assault on the First Amendment.”

Look: We don’t disagree that the 2016 election has “jumped the shark.”  It clearly has.  But Trump saying “mean things” and a few hundred losers infiltrating one of his rallies and showing their asses – that’s not what we should be worried about in America right now.

Here is what we should be worried about in America right now …

  • Government’s $19.1 trillion debt and the projected return of $1 trillion annual deficits.
  • The 94 million working-age Americans who are not currently in the labor force.
  • Income levels that are 6.5 percent lower than before the recession – and still shrinking.
  • An economy that hasn’t grown by more than four percent annually since 2000.
  • Soaring health care costs stemming from ongoing attempts to socialize medicine.
  • Entitlement programs projected to begin running multi-billion dollar deficits far sooner than anyone is willing to admit.
  • A $1 trillion-a-year welfare state that incentivizes dependency – and a similarly large bureaucracy that exists to attack productivity and strangle innovation.
  • A secretive central bank that can print and lend billions of dollars indiscriminately with no public oversight or government audit.
  • Crony capitalist trade deals that subsidize the outsourcing of American jobs and the exploding of our trade deficits.
  • Government-run schools that continue to fail future generations of students despite receiving hundreds of billions of dollars in new money each year.
  • Federal law enforcement agencies that want to unlock every iPhone and iPad in America – and the spy state empowering them.
  • Leftist lawmakers at all levels of government who are trying to take your guns.
  • A failed war on drugs that is trampling on liberty, denying medical options to those in need and perpetuating a police state mentality at the local level.
  • “Neoconservative” politicians who demand more global military interventions – creating larger, bolder, angrier militant Islamic enemies.
  • Open borders – and politicians who want to grant amnesty to illegal aliens already in this country.
  • Two indistinguishable political parties that share a monopoly on elections in America – and that joint desire to do nothing to fix the problems outlined above.
  • Corporate-owned media outlets that shamelessly favor the parties and status quo politicians protecting their interests.

Obviously that’s not an exhaustive list.  In fact those are just a few of the items that popped into our heads as we were writing this. We’re sure there’s a lot more wrong with this country that we neglected to mention …

As you head to the ballot box this year, please stop and think: Are the people you’re casting your ballot for (whether it’s for president or some other office) serious about fixing the problems listed above?  Have they offered specific plans to do so?  Do you trust them to follow through on those plans?

And perhaps most importantly: Are they actually offering solutions?  Or are they simply vowing to throw more money we don’t have at the same old problems?

That’s what matters.  The rest? It’s noise.

Yes, America is going to pieces.  But it’s not because some crazy-haired conservative politician and a bunch of kooky liberals ramped up the trash talk at each other in Chicago.  Or because lots of people are legitimately angry about it.

It’s because the “sane” leaders of both parties who have held power in recent years have succeeded in turning a nation that was once the envy of human civilization into a most unenviable – and perhaps impossible – rebuilding job.

What do you think?  Are there any important issues we missed?  Are we downplaying the “importance” of what happened in Chicago?  Post your thoughts in our comments section below …