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Mark Sanford Reunites With The Reporter Who Exposed His “Argentine Tail”




S.C. governor Mark Sanford paid a visit to the offices of The (Hilton Head, S.C.) Island Packet this week – ostensibly to discuss the contours of the interior of his navel.  Or the nuances of “what it all means.”  Or just how deep inside the rectum of the “Republican” establishment he can crawl …

(Wait … we already know the answer to that last question, don’t we).

Anyway, the former “Luv Gov’s” visit to the paper – a regular occurrence – was noteworthy this time because he posed for a picture with Gina Smith, the reporter who ended his presidential aspirations in 2009 when she caught him returning from an undisclosed trip to see his Latin lover in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

What made Smith’s “gotcha” moment so impactful?  Sanford claimed he had been hiking on the Appalachian Trail at the time.

After being busted by Smith, the lovestruck politician wound up tearfully confessing his infidelity.  He then refused to shut up about how much he loved his “soulmate,” Maria Belen Chapur.

Sanford still won’t shut up about the drama between him and Chapur … who for some reason has stayed with him even after he called off their lengthy engagement in late 2014.  In fact he’s earned the nickname “Representative TMI” for his refusal to stop over-sharing about his personal life.

Anyway, Smith referred to Sanford as her “favorite politician of all time.”

“I’m always happy to see him,” she added.  “He’s a great sport who – unlike many of his brethren – does not hold grudges against reporters.”

Um, really?  We’ve had a vastly different experience with the “Luv Gov.”

Anyway, Sanford has been a profound disappointment since returning to the U.S. Congress in 2013.  Once a principled advocate for freedom and free markets, he’s turned into nothing but a corporate and partisan whore – one who invokes the divine right of kings whenever he’s criticized.

In other words, he’s not our favorite politician …

Still, we can’t be mad at Smith.  Were it not for her, this narcissist sellout could have been president of the United States.  The service she has done humanity cannot be overestimated.