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Proof The FBI Is Lying In Its Case Against Apple




In case you missed it, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is currently engaged in a major legal battle with tech giant Apple over its encryption technology.

We wrote about the case here … and again here.

According to the government, it has a narrow objective: It wants to obtain access to the iPhone 5C used by San Bernardino, California domestic terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook.

“We don’t want to break anyone’s encryption,” FBI director James Comey said last week.

Apple contends the opposite.  Its attorneys claim the FBI is seeking a “master key” that would enable the government to bypass encryption on all iPhones, iPods and iPads.

So … who is telling the truth?

Let’s consult the FBI’s court filing …

(Click to enlarge)


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Yeah …

In language as plain as day, that’s the government asking for what amounts to a software master key – a program capable of being “loaded onto” the phone in question.  And obviously any software program capable of being “loaded onto” one phone can be copied – and loaded onto another phone.

Or loaded onto every other phone.

As we said from the beginning of this case, “such universal access is far too dangerous to entrust to the government given its track record on mass surveillance and other violations of individual liberty.”

Clearly, the feds haven’t learned a thing …

Of course we’re not sure what’s more depressing here: The FBI’s overt, easily disprovable lie?  Or that the agency felt so comfortable in telling it?

“The FBI line ‘we just want Apple to unlock the phone and give us the info’ is a lie based on what they are asking in court,” one of our libertarian sources told us.  “But no one reads court filings.”

Or they do … and choose to ignore what they find.