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Letter: FITS Needs To Dig Deeper



RE: SC Commerce Program Under Scrutiny

Dear Editor,

While no fan of the (S.C. Department of Commerce’s) Innovation grant program, your recent article shows that your site conducts little to no background research.  The program specifically limited dollars to non-profit or government entities, so it was never intended to directly help small business (one of the reasons I didn’t like the program).  Secondly, it targeted all the incubator programs rather than existing businesses which pay the taxes (another reason I didn’t like the program).  Thirdly, it yielded to the political need to broadly spread money around rather than targeting it to the most effective programs or a regional strategy.

Your site brings up good topics for our state but your delivery leaves much to be desired and could be so much more if elevated.




sic speaking

Anon: Thanks for the constructive criticism.  It’s well-taken.  This website can’t “deep dive” on everything, but you make good points – and I will try to do better.  And thanks for your thoughts on the program.   Sounds like you have some insights on why it failed.  If you’d like to expound on the subject, we’d love to publish your views.