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SC “Business Lobbyist” Back At It …




There are still a few people in the South Carolina political world who pay attention to pronouncements from the S.C. Business and Industry Political Education Committee (SC BIPEC) …

Most, though, remember our exclusive story a few years back which exposed this organization as nothing but a sop for powerful special interests.

Speaking of … when last we checked in on this crony capitalist association, it was subserviently carrying special interest water on behalf of a so-called “free market” liquor bill.

Not very well, either …

SCBIPEC’s leader Tom DeLoach ran afoul of several state lawmakers by allegedly threatening them … which we’re told contributed to the failure of the special interests pushing this bill to get the language they wanted included.

Now that the bill has been scheduled for a hearing in the S.C. Senate, DeLoach is ramping up his “advocacy” on the issue – slapping a “business negative” rating on the version of the liquor bill that cleared the S.C. House of Representatives.

Interesting …

Curiously, sources close to the Big Liquor strategists currently managing this bill tell us they were caught off-guard by the SCBIPEC announcement.

“The new management was displeased,” one source told us.

In fact, this source said SCBIPEC “engagement” on this issue a year ago “did more harm than good,” and there was concern about DeLoach upsetting lawmakers again with his brusque tactics.

How’s that for teamwork!

This website continues to advance a very lonely view in this debate – namely that there should be no regulation of the alcohol industry, period.  Obviously Big Liquor doesn’t support that position, but then again neither do the smaller and mid-sized retailers for whom we are routinely accused of shilling.

Oh well …

Pic: Travis Bell Photography