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Angry Ted Cruz Supporter Lambastes Donald Trump Convert




Remember Rick Shaftan? We didn’t either …

But thankfully we have “the Google.”  And it turns out we wrote a story about this Bible-thumping New Jersey-based political consultant back in 2014, when he left an obscene, threatening message on the voicemail of a Palmetto political operative.

Apparently this guy has some anger management issues …

Anyway, Shaftan – who has reportedly moved to North Carolina – was not especially pleased with our recent story on Michelle Wiles, a prominent Upstate, S.C. political activist who recently left the campaign of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz to sign up with Donald Trump.



“Over the next three weeks you will try to figure ways back in, but you will never get back in,” Shaftan wrote in a social media message to Wiles.  “The bridge is forever burned.”

He also called Wiles a “fool” for endorsing Trump.

Damn …

Shaftan also gave Wiles a “taste” of a barrage of negative advertising coming from the Courageous Conservatives PAC, one of several smaller-dollar third party groups that’s supporting Cruz’s presidential bid.

Specifically, he sent her one of the group’s anti-Trump spots entitled “New York Values” – which he claimed would run on Greenville’s 106.3 WORD FM radio next week.

The ad is an effort to follow up on Cruz’s attack against Trump during last week’s “Republican” presidential debate in North Charleston, S.C.

Take a listen …

(Click to play)

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Hmmmm …

Not a terrible spot, but can it erase the fifteen-point lead Trump has opened up on Cruz in South Carolina?

We doubt it …

Also the last time we checked (our founding editor has appeared on WORD in the past), most of the station’s listeners are rabid “Republican” politicos who have already decided who they are supporting for president.