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Report: EPA Used Covert Propaganda To Advance Its Radical Agenda




The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – which has stepped up its radicalism to new and frightening heights under the administration of Barack Obama – broke the law by engaging in “covert propaganda” to advance its controversial “Waters of the United States” regulation.

Remember that shameless big government power grab?  We do …

Unfortunately, this regulation was one of many Obama initiatives fully funded by “Republicans” in the latest Washington, D.C. spending plan.

Crazy, huh?

Anyway, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), Obama’s EPA covertly “constructed a message to be shared by others that refers to the EPA in the third person and advocates support of the agency’s activities.”  According to the GAO report (.pdf here), more than 1.8 million people received this taxpayer-subsidized missive – which expressly violated congressional prohibitions against such propaganda.

“(The) EPA violated the anti-lobbying provisions contained in appropriations acts,” the report found.

It also broke another federal statute – the antideficiency act – because “the agency’s appropriations were not available for these prohibited purposes.”

“Apparently the EPA was so desperate to move public opinion in favor of its controversial regulation that it hid its identity in order to make it look like these communications were not organized from the top down, but were rather an organic grass roots uprising,” Nathan Mehrens of Americans for Limited Government (ALG) noted.

Mehrens added that the extent of the EPA’s lawlessness in this matter imposed an affirmative obligation on the agency to report its bad behavior “to the President, Congress, and the Comptroller General.”

“It remains to be seen whether the EPA will file this report and come clean on its activities in this area,” Mehrens concluded.

As we noted in our previous coverage, the EPA’s “Waters of the United States” – or WOTUS – rule intends to dramatically redefine which bodies of water fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government.  How dramatic a redefinition are we talking about?

Critics referred to the legislation as an attempt by the Obama administration to claim “dominion over every puddle.”

“This rule will be used in the future to regulate and control every square foot of the United States, leaving it to federal regulators to determine where, what, when, why and how you can build something,” U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina warned at the time. “The EPA claims this will be used to clean up ‘dirty waters.’ Unfortunately, now the dirtiest thing about these waters is the fat power hungry fingers of federal regulators dipping in to regulate it.”

In addition to its work to expose the covert propaganda behind this latest power grab, Americans for Limited Government has filed a Freedom of Information Act request (.pdf here) with the EPA in an effort to determine the extent to which the agency has been collaborating with radical environmental groups in the implementation of its agenda.

Stay tuned … we look forward to seeing what the group is able to uncover.