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Funny Corporatist Propaganda



We don’t typically praise corporatist propaganda, but the new iPhone commercial starring former Saturday Night Live standout Bill Hader (and Apple’s Siri personal assistant) is pretty funny.

Haven’t seen it?  Here’s the clip …

(Click to play)

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Too funny …

Apple is hoping to match last year’s holiday sales for its new iPhone 6s … which breezed past initial sales records earlier this year but is projected to fall just shy of matching its predecessor’s 2014 holiday season.  A whopping 74.5 million iPhones were sold last December, with this year’s sales projected to fall somewhere between 70-75 million.

Also worth checking out? Hader’s new movie “Trainwreck” – written by (and starring) comedienne Amy Schumer.  We watched it last week on the recommendation of our Platonic Compadre (a.k.a. the PC) and walked away duly impressed … with the flic and with Hader bringing back sideburns.

And yes, the movie also stars … wait for it … the iPhone.