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University Of South Carolina Students To Stage Walkout




Students at the University of South Carolina are planning a mass walkout from their classes this week in protest of alleged insufficient political correctness by school leaders.  The movement – dubbed “Here’s No Place Like Home” – bills itself as some sort of collective.

“This is a ‘We’ movement not an ‘I’ movement,” an organizing document put together by protest leaders noted. “No individual is to take responsibility, credit, or blame for the work and actions of the group.”

No individual is supposed to deviate from the script, either.

“Speakers and chant leaders have already been identified in order to ensure structure for the protest,” the organizing document stated.  “Please respect the structure as written and follow the direction of speakers.”

Jeez …

Here is the abbreviated list of the students’ demands …

1. Acknowledgement of USC’s slave history by including it in the historical portion of tours and adding plaques/markers to buildings constructed by slaves, and raising the plaque for the AAAS Tree to increase its visibility.
2. Expansion and improvement of minority recruitment efforts and creation of a minority scholars program through the Honors College.
3. Policies and accommodations for trans students including gender neutral housing and restrooms and streamlined process for changing gender markers and names within university databases and records.
4. University acknowledgement of gender identity and expression as a protected class under Title IX.
5. Investigation into the following university administrators: the Executive Assistant to the President for Equal Opportunity Programs, the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Academic Support, Student Life and Development, and the Vice President for Student Affairs, Vice Provost and Dean of Students.
6. An increased budget for the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs.
7. An increased budget for the Counseling Center so that there are more available appointments and more free appointments provided to each student.
8. Creation of an intersectional diversity training provided by Office of Diversity and Inclusion that is mandatory for USC faculty and staff.
9. Transparency campus-wide through collection and visibility of data in relation to admissions/enrollment, campus sexual assault/rape/sexual harassment, and hazing.
10. A Social Justice minor/cognate allowing students to academically study intersectional forces of injustice and the solutions to these issues.
11. Renaming of the Office of Student Disability Services to the Office of Accessibility and Accommodation Services, and increased visibility and promotion for the office.
12. A plan to make USC Homecoming more inclusive to reflect and celebrate the diversity of our campus, our alumni, and our community.

Hold up …

Are these kids for real?  What happened to protesting for pizza, beer and girls?  Maybe some weed?

And here’s the nauseatingly squeamish response from Wes Hickman, the University’s spokesman.

While we have made great progress in diversity and inclusiveness, there is always more to be done.

We appreciate our students making their voice heard, participating in civil discourse and continuing the dialogue toward making our campus a safe and welcoming environment to all students. The issues they have raised will do much to guide the conversation. In fact, many are already being addressed or are included in the university’s strategic plans.

We are launching a new initiative designed to host further dialogue and conversation, the South Carolina Collaborative on Race and Reconciliation under the direction of our Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. John Dozier. We are creating a new leadership distinction for graduates in Social Justice to encourage individual and societal efforts to improve the lives of all. The Social Compact Task Force that has been meeting this semester is addressing many of these issues as well, and a full report and recommendation is expected in the spring semester. Just to name a few.

We remain steadfastly committed to improving our institution for the benefit of all members of the Carolina family. The leadership and opinions of these students is welcome and much appreciated. We look forward to addressing them as we move forward in creating a safe, welcoming and comfortable environment in which all Gamecocks can thrive.

Good God.  Spoken like a true former Lindsey Graham staffer, right?

“USC had no business responding to this group of anarchists,” one millennial told FITS.  “Doing so has now given them oxygen they otherwise would have never achieved it served as nothing more than a bullhorn for media coverage.”

We agree.

If anything, Hickman should have said “you kids are all a bunch of communist pussies and if you go through with this stunt we will roll tanks on you like Tiananmen.”

Errr … wait.  Maybe that would have been a little over the top.

Our thoughts on this ongoing “higher educational” ridiculousness?

Here you go …