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Nikki Haley Is Now A Tea Party Expert Again




The last time Nikki Haley made us this dizzy … you know what, never mind.

South Carolina’s governor – who has done multiple ideological 180s since getting elected in 2010 – has emerged during the current presidential election as one of the “Republican” party’s establishment top establishment counterpunchers.

Curious, then, that the liberal national media still wants to portray her as coming from the right flank of the increasingly left-leaning GOP.

(Seriously … did they forget she endorsed Mitt Romney?)

Anyway, according to a story in this week’s editions of The Washington Post – which loves to move the nation’s political spectrum to the left – the fiscally liberal Haley remains a go-to-gal for all things Tea Party.

In discussing the staying power of unconventional GOP presidential frontrunners Donald Trump and Ben Carson, Haley was introduced by Post reporters Philip Rucker and Robert Costa as “an outsider who rode the tea party wave into office five years ago.”

She then launched into a spleen-venting against the very establishment “Republicans” in Washington, D.C. whose crony capitalist policies she has embraced.

“You have a lot of people who were told that if we got a majority in the House and a majority in the Senate, then life was gonna be great,” Haley told the reporters. “What you’re seeing is that people are angry. Where’s the change? Why aren’t there bills on the president’s desk every day for him to veto? They’re saying, ‘Look, what you said would happen didn’t happen, so we’re going to go with anyone who hasn’t been elected.’?”

That’s an accurate diagnosis … we’re just amazed Haley wasn’t struck by lightning when she offered it.

Of course she hasn’t been struck by lightning yet … 

We wonder: Is Haley finally coming to grips with the reality that the national establishment frontrunners she’s been cheerleading for are kaput this election cycle?

And if so … where does that leave her and that coveted “First in the South” presidential endorsement she’s keeping in her back pocket?