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How Many Of Us Are There?




|| By FITSNEWS || There are 7,254,682,762 people on planet earth right now.  And 321,238,540 people in America.  Or so says the U.S. Census Bureau’s real-time “Pop Clock,” which tracks the growth in U.S. and global population in … well … real-time.

A new baby is born in the United States every eight seconds, while every thirteen seconds someone dies in our country.

Giveth … taketh.

Oh, and in news sure to draw the attention of 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump – an “international migrant” enters America every 33 seconds (an uptick over previous years).  Add it all up and you’ve got America adding a person to its ranks every twelve seconds.

Despite its slowing birth rate, America remains the world’s third-most populous nation – well ahead of Indonesia (256 million) but trailing China (roughly 1.4 billion) and India (roughly 1.3 billion).

A whopping 11.7 million people (3.5 percent of the nation’s population) are in the United States illegally – according to estimates released in 2013.  That’s down from a 2007 peak of 12.2 million (4 percent of the nation’s population).  Of those, roughly half – around six million – are Mexicans.

What caused the drop in 2007 and 2008?  The recession …

Still, no one is exactly sure how large the illegal immigrant population really is.

“It could be 12 million or 13 million,” Steven Camarota, director of research for the Center for Immigration Studies, told The Wall Street Journal back in March.  “It doesn’t seem like it could be 15 million or 20 million.”

Ah, experts …