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Donald Trump’s Big Splash




|| By FITSNEWS || “Go big or go home,” they say … and when it comes to going big on social media, no 2016 presidential candidate even approached the seismic splash made by billionaire real estate mogul/ reality TV megastar Donald Trump.

And while “Republican” polling data suggests Trump’s presidential candidacy is an exercise in futility (hence our first question out of the box to him early this year), his fame, financing capability and “say anything” factor have generated interest … and eyeballs other candidates couldn’t dream of drawing.

“Immediately following his historic announcement, Mr. Trump was the most searched Republican Presidential candidate in every state in the country,” a release from Trump’s campaign boasted, adding that “3.4 million Facebook users in the US generated 6.4 million interactions regarding the launch of his campaign, the highest by far, among all 2016 GOP candidates.”

Indeed …

According to Google Trends, Trump’s “search interest” was at 87 percent one hour after his announcement.

“Comparatively, another GOP candidate also launching his campaign this week, registered just 13 percent interest the previous day,” Trump’s campaign added.

(Ahem, Jeb Bush).

Now, does any of this make Trump viable?  No … but the first challenge in our ADD culture is to get people to pay attention.  And they are most certainly paying attention to Trump.