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CSOL Has A New President




|| By FITSNEWS || Two weeks after the founders of the Charleston School of Law (CSOL) announced that the institution would accept a new class for the upcoming academic year, the school announced today that it has a new president.

According to a news release, Joseph D. Harbaugh – dean emeritus at Nova Southeastern University Law Center and former dean of the University of Richmond School of Law – has been tapped as CSOL’s interim president.

“I am delighted Dean Harbaugh is willing to bring his decades of experience in legal education to the Charleston School of Law and I am excited at the opportunity to work closely with him to ensure a bright future for our school,” CSOL dean Andy Abrams said in the statement.  “Not only did he successfully lead two law schools for over 20 years, Dean Harbaugh has held key leadership positions in the American Bar Association and the Association of American Law Schools.

“He brings a remarkable breadth and depth of knowledge of legal education that will benefit all of us associated with the law school, as we move into our second decade of providing a high quality, hands-on legal education,” Abrams added.

Interesting …

As readers may recall, the last CSOL president lasted less than a week on the job – reportedly stepping down due to alleged bullying by former founding partner Ed Westbrook (who spent much of the last two years attempting to block a proposed sale of the school to InfiLaw).

Hopefully with Westbrook gone, Harbaugh will stick around a little longer than that …

More to the point, hopefully state government will follow Westbrook’s lead and give up its meddling with CSOL’s future – especially its ridiculous fantasy about taking over the school as a government institution.

As we’ve stated repeatedly, state government has no business holding up this sale.  If the school’s owners wish to sell their asset to another company, that is their right.