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Dear Bruce: Welcome To The Sisterhood



Dear Bruce:

Welcome to the sisterhood.  We warmly welcome you.  But, as a new member to our sacred sorority, I’d like to offer you some bits of womanly wisdom before you make the big transition.  See Bruce, being a woman is more than fancy makeup, sculpted cheekbones and surgically given cleavage. Some of our sisters, too many, have lost their cleavage to breast cancer.  Actually, being a woman means that you will always worry about breast cancer striking.  You’ll worry about losing breasts that once nourished beautiful children and tantalized eager partners.

Bruce, in some countries, being a young woman means having your genitals forcibly mutilated and not in a sterile operating room where you will choose to have yours mutilated.

Being a woman means feeling new life grow and blossom inside our wonderfully made bodies and for some of our sisters, wondering why infertility has robbed them of that miracle.

Being a woman means feeling the conflict of choosing between being a working Mom or staying at home and feeling pressured from both factions of our sisterhood.

Being a woman means that around my age you’ll inevitably wake up drenched in sweat due to menopause.  So you see, being a woman isn’t merely about socially constructed gender roles.

Purposely, we are more than skin deep caricatures of overly made up doll babies in tight corsets.  We are uniquely and beautifully made creatures.

So Bruce, I’ll call you Ma’am all day long, because I’m polite like that.  However, until you experience the pain of an ovarian cyst or the joy of a clean mammogram, please don’t expect us to fully accept you.

Girls are funny that way.

Faith Falise is a libertarian activist and author.