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Obamatrade: Anti-Democratic




|| By FITSNEWS || We’ve spent a lot of time exposing the economic pitfalls of “Obamatrade” (nationally and here in South Carolina) – and debunking the notion that to stand against it is to oppose “free trade.”  Nothing could be further from the truth.

We’ve also praised those lawmakers who have agreed to stand against its unprecedented corporate cronyism.

What we haven’t written much on is the secretive negotiations associated with the agreement itself – which would impact at least forty percent of the global economy (making it the biggest trade deal in the history of the world).

Obamatrade – as we’ve noted – is a two-part deal.  The first part is the process, namely a vote on whether to give the administration of U.S. president Barack Obama “trade promotion authority ” (a.k.a. TPA or “fast-track”) so that he can implement the second part of the deal – the so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

We oppose both measures, although practically speaking to oppose TPA is to oppose TPP – because the truth is Obama had his army of corporate “trade representatives” have already been negotiating the deal in secret.

What’s in it?

Good question …

“No member of the public has been allowed to read the document,” writes Bill Curry for Salon.  “Neither has any member of Congress, really. A copy lies in a locked room in the Capitol basement.  There, relieved by security guards of any cell phones, cameras or recorders, members may read it but are not allowed to take any notes.”

Wait … what country are we living in again?

Curry isn’t the only one sounding the alarm over the secrecy associated with the agreement.

On the other end of the political spectrum we have Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg, who ripped it thusly …

“The content of this unbelievably dangerous gift to multi-national corporations is being kept secret from the public, and for very good reason,” he wrote.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has published a few sections of the report – obtained from his network of whistleblowers.  His conclusion?

“It is mostly not about trade,” he said in an interview earlier this year.  “Only five of its twenty-nine chapters are about traditional trade, the others are about regulating the internet … regulating labor.”

Indeed the leaked portions of the TPP make it abundantly clear this deal – which would dwarf the economically devastating North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) – is more of the same “rigged trade” that enables multinational corporations to shed U.S. jobs.

No wonder Obama wants to keep its contents under lock and key …

This is not the way America is supposed to work, people.  Our elected representatives are supposed to conduct the people’s business in the open – in keeping with their best interests. They are not supposed to hand over authority to a president who has a history of abusing the public trust – all so he can ram through a deal that hurts them.

Without a single word of the deal being made public beforehand …

Obamatrade isn’t just economically disadvantageous, it’s anti-democratic …  and we would once again call on every member of the South Carolina congressional delegation – Jim Clyburn, Trey GowdyMick Mulvaney, Tom Rice, Mark Sanford and Joe Wilson – to join U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan in opposing it.

If Obamatrade is such a good deal, then it ought to be made public and Congress ought to debate it on its merits.

That’s how representative government is supposed to work …