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SC Trucking Company Shut Down



|| By FITSNEWS || A trucking company based in Darlington County, S.C. has been shut down by the federal government for posing an “imminent hazard” to public safety.

Carnell Pompey – which does business as Mortise Trucking Company – was ordered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to immediately cease operating commercial motor vehicles within the United States last week after an investigation revealed a host of abuses.

According to the government order, the company has engaged in “egregious, willful, dangerous conduct” – routinely operating vehicles “despite serious safety violations.”

Among the violations?  Repeated issues with “defective and inadequate brakes” as well as “pressure loss in the brake system.”  The company has also allegedly failed to correct repeated issues with “worn, inadequate and inoperable components and tires.”  Over the last year, six tractor trailers operated by Mortise were placed out-of-service after failing roadside inspections.

In addition to issues with the company’s vehicles, driver training and drug testing procedures were also deemed insufficient.

Mortise was issued a list of sixteen steps it must complete before the government will consider lifting the ban.