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Ex-SC Politico: Wrong Numbers, Right Message



|| By FITSNEWS || Randan Steinhauser was always one of our favorite young Palmetto politicos … which is why we were glad to see her escape the cesspool that is South Carolina and make a name for herself in Washington, D.C.

Steinhauser is now based in Austin, Texas – partner in a public relations/ government affairs firm she founded with her husband (former FreedomWorks staffer Brendan Steinhauser).

A graduate of the University of South Carolina (Go Cocks!), Steinhauser spoke recently on the campus of the University of Texas – which is where former Gamecock defensive coordinator Charlie Strong is currently holding down the fort as the Longhorns’ second-year head coach.

Anyway, Steinhauser had an interesting recap of her speech to the Texas Young “Republicans.”

“Former National Chairman of the DNC, Donald Fowler was one of my professors at USC,” she wrote, recalling her remarks.  “I constantly challenged him in class and pushed the limits of debating his ideas in front of my colleagues.  However, I always maintained a level of respect for our differences.  When it came time for graduation and I was eager to move to D.C., Fowler was one of my strongest advocates and even wrote one of my letters of recommendation.”

According to Steinhauser, that’s “an important lesson on the need for respectful debate and understanding that we can find common ground even with folks who we don’t agree with 90 percent of the time.”

Wait, ninety percent disagreement?  Between Democrats and “Republicans?”

With all due respect, it’s more like 90 percent agreement … 

Still, Steinhauser makes a good point about the utility of finding common ground in the political process.

Also of interest?  Her comments reference Fowler regretting that he had to send her recommendation letter “to Jim DeMint instead of Jim Clyburn.”

Right …

Because Clyburn is obviously the epitome of “respectful debate.”