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West Columbia Wants A Drive-In …



|| By FITSNEWS ||  A group of citizens in West Columbia, S.C. want a drive-in movie theater – but local officials are allegedly “dragging their feet” on the project.

According to a petition filed on, the proposed theater “would bring 35-40 jobs to the area and thousands of dollars in tax revenue as well as a classic way to spend family time in the Midlands.”

It’s also shovel-ready, they say.

“Lexington and surrounding counties need a family friendly entertainment establishment that is affordable and functional for entire families to spend quality time together in a safe and friendly environment,” the petition continued.

So what’s the problem?

According to the petition – which as of this writing has 854 signatures – Lexington County councilman Todd Cullum is stalling the project, and refusing to return phone calls and emails to his office seeking updates.

Hmmmm …

Assuming no tax dollars have been earmarked for this project (and assuming the theater imposes no infringement on the liberties of those living in nearby properties), we see no reason why this project shouldn’t move forward.  Of course Lexington County – and West Columbia in particular – is a hotbed of local government corruption, so who the hell knows what’s up …

Anyway, if any of our sources have information on what’s behind this unfortunate situation please pass it on … and we’ll pass it on to our readers.