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“Pro-Life” Politicians Cut Corrupt Bargain With SC Senate Leader




|| By FITSNEWS ||  Multiple pro-life members of the S.C. Senate have cut a “deal with the devil” in an effort to get their favored legislation placed in a prime spot on the chamber’s calendar.

The Senators – led by Lee Bright, Chip Campsen and Tom Corbin (this buffoon) – have reportedly agreed to back powerful S.C. Senate president Hugh Leatherman on a wide range of budget and procedural matters in the event he agrees to set their pro-life bill for “special order.”

What’s “special order?”  Here’s a nice inside baseball story explaining the process, but it’s basically a guarantee that the bill will be one of a handful which receives an up or down vote in the State Senate prior to the end of the legislative session in June.

For the record, we support this legislation (H. 3114) – which overwhelmingly passed the S.C. House in early February.  And while we support the so-called “morning after pill” and other contraceptive measures which prevent pregnancies from taking root (a position which earns us the ire of hardcore social conservatives) … we simply cannot abide by abortion (a position which earns us the ire of hardcore social liberals).

Whatever one’s ideology, abortion is a denial of the most fundamental America liberty: The right to life.  Therefore we support any law which restricts it – assuming exemptions for rape, incest or danger to the mother remain intact.

But with all due respect to the Senators who support this legislation, their willingness to betray taxpayers and basically whore themselves out to Leatherman is every bit as shameful as this corrupt bargain between U.S. president Barack Obama and Harry Reid.

Also, they’re getting played …

Leatherman kept the pro-life bill bottled up in a Senate subcommittee for more than six weeks – deliberately delaying the legislation’s progress so he could maximize their subservience.

He’s playing chess … while the pro-life lawmakers are playing checkers.  Meanwhile you, the taxpaying public, are picking up the tab for the “fun and games.”

Frankly, we’re sick of such subservience.  We’re sick of such corrupt bargains.  We’re sick of lawmakers selling out.

Deals like this – which effectively neuter “fiscal conservatives” – are the reason state government continues to mindlessly expand.  They’re the reason multi-billion dollar tax hikes get passed.

Bright, Campsen, Corbin and the other pro-life Senators hold themselves out as men of God.  In fact they play the “Jesus card” habitually – even faster than Mark Sanford attempting to explain his latest betrayal.

But doesn’t the Bible say one’s “yes” should be “yes?”  And one’s “no” should be “no?”  Where in the Bible are “yes” and “no” contingent on bowing to the altar of power? 

It doesn’t …

And where in the Bible does it say it’s okay to prostitute one’s core convictions on that altar?

Again, nowhere …