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SC Consulting Empires: A Clarification



|| By FITSNEWS || A few days ago, this website posted an article assessing the evolution of South Carolina’s “big three” political consulting empires over the last decade-and-a-half … part of our ongoing effort to provide some context for the Palmetto State’s quadrennial “First in the South” presidential primary.

Missed it? You can read our story HERE.

It’s been pointed out to us that our post omitted certain relevant information, which we’d like to take the opportunity to address now. Our story did neglect to point out that the consulting empire of Richard Quinn, Sr. (a.k.a. “The Quinndom”) – which is the sole surviving member of the “big three” firms – advised the candidacy of 2012 “First in the South” winner Newt Gingrich during the waning moments of the primary.

“The Quinndom” signed on with Gingrich after their candidate – former Utah governor Jon Huntsman – dropped out of the race following a disappointing third-place finish in New Hampshire.

What sort of impact did the “Quinndom’s” eleventh hour endorsement have on Gingrich’s victory? That’s debatable … but the relationship is certainly worth mentioning and we will be updating our original post accordingly.