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Black SC Councilman: OK To Bilk Taxpayers Because “Only Whites” Complained




|| By FITSNEWS ||  Ready for another one from South Carolina’s increasingly thick “corrupt local government” file?  And ready for another “race card?”

A Fairfield County (S.C.) councilman is refusing to repay taxpayers $26,806 in improper tuition reimbursements because … get this … only white people are complaining about it.  Mikel Trapp – who is black – says taxpayers will be reimbursed on the “first of never” for the expenses.

“You keep mentioning the citizens and taxpayers,” Trapp said in addressing his critics at a recent county council meeting.  “The only citizens and taxpayers I seen come to that mic was white – I haven’t seen any blacks come and complain about tuition reimbursements.”

A member of the audience immediately challenged Trapp – who faces reelection next month – as to whether the ethnicity of his critics was really an issue.

“Yes it is,” Trapp fired back angrily.  “This county is sixty percent black in case you didn’t know.”

He later added that “surely a sixty percent black population if they had a problem they would come up here and let me know.”

Ummmm …

Here’s a video of the exchange …

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Trapp took the reimbursements to pursue a business degree at Columbia College.  In July 2013, though, he was informed by S.C. attorney general Alan Wilson‘s office that the payments were improper (duh).  Prior to his recent racist outburst earlier this month, he had been repaying taxpayers in the amount of $100 per month – which he is now refusing to do.